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CTA Employees Help Students Get on “The Track to Learning”

Workers donate time, money and supplies to help children at two Chicago Public Schools

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) recently celebrated its First Annual School Supply Drive, with employees delivering more than 100 book bags and school supplies to students at two Chicago public schools.

CTA EMPLOYEES DELIVERED School Supply Drive 2019 3
SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS AT Emmett Louis Till Math and Science Academy thanked CTA employees for collecting and donating school supplies for their students. They say the supplies will help the youngsters get a great start to the new school year.

Students at Emmett Louis Till Math and Science Academy on Chicago’s South Side and Jesse Sherwood Elementary School on the West Side received free notebooks, paper, pencils, rulers and other items inside their book bags as part of the “The Track to Learning” school supply drive. CTA employees hope these items will help the students begin the new year successfully.

“Schoolchildren are among the 1.5 million Chicagoans CTA serves each day and I am proud that our employees are not only helping get our youngsters to school each day, but have so generously done their part to help them be successful as well,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “We care deeply about the communities we serve and hope these new school supplies will assist and inspire children to do their very best this school year.”

Spearheading the drive were employees in CTA’s Rail Operations department, along with other employees at CTA rail terminals across the city. Employees donated their own time and money to collect school supplies like markers, folders, glue and other items schoolchildren need. School administrators gratefully accepted the supplies, thanked the CTA for its generosity and made plans to distribute the supplies to their students.

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