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Crusader journalist J. Coyden Palmer hit by drunk driver

Crusader staff report

Crusader journalist J. Coyden Palmer on Friday, August 17 was the victim of an intense car accident after a drunk driver plowed into him as he waited at a traffic light in his vehicle in the Roseland neighborhood.

At about 50 mph, the impact of the collision pushed Palmer’s car into another vehicle that was in front of him at 103rd Street and South King Drive. Palmer miraculously suffered minor bruises on his nose and left arm. Palmer on Wednesday, August 22, emailed the Chicago Crusader saying he was “ok” after the accident

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CRUSADER JOURNALIST JASON PALMER’S car sustained additional damaged after the forced of the collision pushed his car into another vehicle that was in front of him.

The driver who caused the accident, Raquel L. Mixon, was arrested at the scene. Police said Mixon, 25, had an alcohol level of .241, three times the legal limit of .08. In addition, Mixon had no auto insurance on her white 2018 Chevy Sonic. Mixon was taken to the 5th District police station and charged with two counts of Driving under the Influence, failure to reduce speed, and operating a vehicle without insurance. Mixon was released after posting $3,000 bond.


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