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Crusader Endorsements for 2022 Election

Crusader Endorsements for 2022 Election

Think about the bigger picture and vote!

If you are an avid reader of the Chicago Crusader newspaper Editorial, then by now you understand why you must vote.  This 2022 General Election has become more than a state election of legislators.

Controlling the U.S. Senate or the U.S. Congress begins with state elections. When we vote for state or federal legislators, we are using the power of our vote to continue the current administration’s agenda as well AS PROTECT Voting Rights.  Currently, there are 435 Representatives in the House, Democrats must hold 218 of those seats.

Democrats know that in order to create a better future for families in all 92 counties, leaders must solve those kitchen-table issues most important to voters. For Black voters, it’s issues like the cost of living, safe policing and crime, job opportunities, increasing wages and abortion rights.

Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day. As is our custom we urge all our readers to go out and exercise one of their most precious gifts the right to vote. Your vote counts! We recommend the following candidates for your consideration.

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U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Senator – Tammy Duckworth

The Crusader endorses the re-election of Tammy Duckworth over her opponents because she has proven herself to be a champion for working families, civil rights, and environmental justice, as well as all Veterans and military families. We believe it sensible to have her continue this work. If you want to know who Senator Duckworth is look at the legislation and issues she champions. They send a very clear message that she is compassionate, dedicated and committed to doing the right things for the right reasons. We hope the Senator will visit more areas in her district in the next term. The Chicago Crusader encourages you to vote “Yes” for Senator Tammy Duckworth.

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Governor JB Pritzker

GOVERNOR/LT. GOVERNOR – J.B. Pritzker and Julianna Stratton

When JB Pritzker earned the Crusader’s endorsement to become the 43rd governor of Illinois in 2019, we saw his running mate, then IL State Rep. Julianna Stratton as the perfect choice for a candidate who seeks to serve low-income neighborhoods. She is and continues to be active in the community and visible. Their message was clear and concise with most of the campaign promises having been kept. Pritzker has two opponents in this race – Republican State Senator Darren Bailey and Stephanie Trussell. JB Pritzker’s legacy has come under recent scrutiny because of his campaign strategy during the Primary Election on June 28, 2022. Only the Primary Election will reveal if that strategy worked. But we cannot rate his entire term on a few failures. Pritzker guided the state during a health crisis, signed legislation that raised the minimum wage, legalized marijuana and licensed cannabis dispensaries. Most recently, he established Illinois as a State protecting women’s right to an abortion.

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Attorney General Kwame Raoul


Kwame Raoul has successfully filled the big shoes left by the former Illinois Attorney General. The former State Senator effortlessly picked up where Madigan left off, as well as initiated numerous efforts of his own. Raoul’s background has prepared him to confront the issues head-on and lead the state into the next decade. The Crusader continues to stand behind Raoul for his relentless pursuit to address the problems of the state’s disadvantaged residents through effective legislation and dynamic leadership.

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Alexi Giannoulias

SECRETARY OF STATE – Alexi Giannoulias

Illinois’ Secretary of State’s office is the largest and most diverse office of its kind in the nation, providing more direct services to the people of Illinois than any other public agency. The office issues state ID cards, vehicle license plates and titles; registers corporations; enforces the Illinois Securities Act; administers the Organ Donor Program; and licenses drivers and maintains driver records. As State Librarian, Giannoulias will oversee the State Library and literacy programs, and as State Archivist, the office maintains records of legal or historic value. The Crusader endorses Alexi Giannoulias for Secretary of State.

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State Comptroller Susana Mendoza


Susana Mendoza continues to effectively manage the State’s bills and monitor State funds. Her accomplishments as promised include fixing the state’s finances by eliminating the state’s backlog of unpaid bills; and advocating for the Debt Transparency Act. The Crusader strongly endorses Susana Mendoza because she has done an excellent job.



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Michael W. Frerichs

State Treasurer – Michael W. Frerichs

Treasurer Frerichs encouraged savings plans for college and trade school, increased financial education among all ages, removed barriers to a secure retirement and reunited Illinois residents with their unclaimed property. Frerichs’ achievement on behalf of consumers through the Unclaimed Property Program is commendable. We endorse Michael Frerichs.

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