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Cross-training: the strategic way to secure your future

Repositioning your office position while working from home may appear not to be beneficial. The truth is, it provides unrecognized benefits by broadening your skills. Working from home allows collaboration and a larger view of the overall process. Consider the additional opportunities for you to fill positions that may not have been possible if you worked the traditional method.

By understanding the full scope of operations necessary to run a project, you willll expand your knowledge and acquire cross-training. Repositioning your career is not a one-way opportunity but an advantage for both the employee and the employer. Ensuring you possess a versatile skillset creates flexibility and possible expansion for growth in the marketplace. A diverse, skilled team member can reduce boredom and create more value for investors.

From the employer’s perspective, those who learn new skills have proven to be committed to the organization and its function and seek advancement. Employees who become motivated and desire to invest their time and efforts to ensure their success due to its investment on their behalf become more fulfilled at work.

  • Reduction of employee turnover and use of sick leave
  • Builds more robust workforce and teams
  • Develops in-house managers who are familiar with the company’s standards and values.
  • Cross-training creates a greater collaboration of teams

How to prepare for
making the shift?

Imagine forecasting into the future and prepare yourself for what’s next. Consider the job that will create a demand on your leadership skills and cause you to stretch. If your immediate division doesn’t have any open positions, offer to assist with tasks related to that area and make it known you’re interested in being crossed-trained. At a minimum, your supervisor will know you’re interested in learning new skills. You’ll become known for wanting to develop your skillset for the good of the company.

Be sure to look within your industry and see the trends. Watch the forecast and identify the industry’s position and its direction. Where do you see yourself fitting in during the next five years? Consider what it takes to get there. Most managers do not progress in their leadership skills if they remain in the same position for an extended period.

Depending on your current knowledge or experience, it’s a good possibility you’ll have to start at the entry level and work your way up. After all, “Rome was not built in a day.” So give yourself time to understand the basics before wanting to run with the masters. Once you’ve learned the foundation, adding new information becomes more effortless and will allow proper growth.

By creating flexibility and adjusting your mindset to secure your future, you provide job enrichment and a vertical expansion of the job, gain more control, and display responsible character. Overall, cross-training presents a vast amount of benefits for all involved and can lead to a rewarding outcome for the employee, the employer, and the marketplace.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be prepared for unforeseen positions because you prepared yourself in advance. So, never ignore the quietness and stillness of work. There’s always an opportunity to shine and advance.

I’ve seen many people use this as a strategy, while serving in the military and civilian workforce. The results are always rewarding. Managers who encourage and implement cross-training find themselves with less stress and mature teams, because of employee flexibility. Thinking about how you might be able to develop the cross-training experience within your current team stru-cture? First, be of service, and second, be willing to be served.

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SHE WORE THESESistah Soldier is an intuitive influencer who provides multimedia platforms for women veterans to narrate their stories, step into God’s call for their lives using their creative skills, and inspire others. She’s the CEO, Host, and Executive Producer of SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show and the Executive Recruiter for SHE MediaTechTM.





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