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Councilman Ron Brewer elected to second term

By Carmen M. Woodson-Wray

Councilman-at-Large Ronald Brewer will serve a second year as President of the Gary Common Council. Five out of nine council members voted to retain him as President. The Gary Common Council members are: Ronald Brewer, Mary Brown, Linda Barnes Caldwell, Ragen Hatcher, Michael L. Protho, Carolyn D. Rogers, Herbert Smith, Jr., LaVetta Sparks-Wade, and Rebecca L. Wyatt.  Brewer will hold office until 2019.

The work of the Council is initiated by the introduction of a proposed ordinance, or resolution. The Gary Common Council makes laws through the passage of such ordinances and resolutions. The Council maintains a check and balance of city government and works to provide legislation that improves the quality of life for Gary citizens. The Council serves as a source of public information.

Brewer says that “it amazes me all the different things people say they are going to do and don’t. But what about the city? That’s what troubles me the most.”

Brewer has been a resident of Gary since 1982, and attended Gary public schools. He and his wife Nicole have five children. Self employed as a painting and framing contractor, Brewer is deeply committed to Gary.

Recognizing that the lack of employment opportunities is crippling the city, he expressed an interest in bringing economic development to Gary. “What I would like to see come to Gary would be an upscale hotel, located possibly on highway 80/94 on Grant St.” He feels that such development would bring an influx of jobs and revenue to the city.

Brewer said the council has no immediate development plans in the works, but he would like to reassure citizens that decisions throughout his tenure will always be in the best interest of Gary residents. His principle goal is to ensure that everyone has a voice in the city.

Third District Councilwo-man Mary Brown was sworn in as Vice President for the 2017-year. Brewer said he, along with other Common Council members, expects a renewed sense of purpose in Gary.

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