Cook County Assessor Berrios receives support from faith leaders

    FAITH LEADERS FROM across the city are photographed with Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios (seated, third from left), who held an event at Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church on Chicago’s South Side to seek their endorsement.

    Over 20 faith leaders gathered at the historical Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church on February 23, 2018 to endorse Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios’ re-election, citing his work and commitment to improving the assessment system.

    “Assessor Joseph Berrios has been a friend to our community. He understands our needs and always keeps the pulse of our communities in mind,” said Chief Apostle William McCoy, Brother’s Keeper Outreach Church and founder of the International Pentecostal Assemblies Fellowship. “I hope everyone has the opportunity to hear his remarkable story about growing up in Cabrini Green and helping his parents since the age of 13.”

    Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios has been working to fix the 40-year-old assessment system he inherited. Since taking office he focused on getting the tax bills out on time which saves taxpayers millions of dollars. On-time tax bills ensure that school districts, municipalities, and other taxing bodies receive revenue on schedule and thus do not have to borrow money to meet their budget. Additionally, the Assessor’s office has surpassed the $50 million mark in erroneous exemption billing and has collected in excess of $30 million, which goes back to the school districts and municipalities. Most recently, he released a report by the Civic Consulting Alliance that provides a blueprint on how to make the assessment system even fairer and more equitable.

    “I’ve known Assessor Joseph Berrios for many years. He is a true public servant dedicating to helping our communities. When my church needed help with the assessment process, his office provided tremendous assistance. He is a trusted voice in our communities.” Bishop Joseph Jones, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church.

    As Chair of the Cook County Democratic party, Berrios has ensured that more women, African Americans, and Latinos are elected into office and as the first Latino legislator he fought against the NRA and was the chief sponsor of the first successful legislation to ban guns in schools in Illinois.

    Assessor Berrios said, “I would like to thank the faith leaders who have entrusted me to continue the work that I started as Cook County Assessor. I look forward to continuing to serve them as their Assessor.”

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    1. Who cares about Berrios and his “story?” Charles Manson also had a “story,” and his childhood was much worse than that of Joe Berrios.

      Until the Black and Latino communities of Chicago stand up and tell people like Berrios that enough is enough, the same old s**t will continue to happen.

    2. Gee what a surprise. use the black community when needed and then ignore them until the next election cycle. I really wish the leaders in the black community wake up and smell the reality. Get this crook and Madigan out of here, for good.


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