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City of Harvey sees increase in Public Safety

Mayor and police chief to share results at Public Safety Forum February 4

The City of Harvey ended 2022 with a significant decrease in homicides; that trend continues into 2023 with city of Harvey Mayor Christopher J. Clark focusing on proactive measures designed to increase public safety.

The implementation of Clark’s public safety initiatives resulted in a 38 percent reduction in gunshot victim crimes; 161 illegal guns removed from Harvey streets; several murder cases being closed; and a 55 percent decrease in homicides from 2021.

“Since I took office, we have added an additional $1 million to the police budget, purchased new vehicles, hired new police officers, reorganized the Department to put more officers on the street and are in the process of constructing six new community hubs/police substations,” said Clark.

“The decrease in violent crime can be attributed to those actions and the hard work of our officers.”

The Harvey Police Department played a significant role in implementing Clark’s plan. Harvey Police Chief Cameron Biddings credits the performance of officers and community support for the decline in homicides and solving of cases.

“The recent homicide closings have been the result of good police work combined with the cooperation of the community and other law enforcement agencies working together,” said Biddings

Clark’s comprehensive community safety plan involved making tough and unpopular decisions, including the reduction in the hours of operation for liquor license holders.

Additionally, the mayor made a commitment to continue investing in the police department by increasing the starting salary of entry-level officers from $42,000 to $60,000, purchasing 24 new police vehicles and providing body cameras for every officer on the force (instituted well before the state mandated the same requirement).

Mayor Clark and Chief Biddings will hold a Public Safety Forum on February 4, at 11:00 a.m. at Harvey City Hall, 15320 Broadway Ave., Harvey, Illinois, to hear from residents and discuss programs and efforts that have led to an increase in public safety.

The Harvey Fire Department will also be on hand to provide smoke detectors to all residents in attendance. The first 25 attendees will receive a complimentary steering wheel locking device.

For more information about the Public Safety forum, visit or call 708-210-5300

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