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Christian artist Jonathan Hall combines music with video game design

By Joseph Phillips

With the popularity of video gaming on the rise at colleges and universities across the country under the title of “E-Sports,” Jonathan Hall aka JNote, plans to develop his gaming brand for the Lord using music, through reaching businesses, church groups and college campuses.

Known as a game developer, musician, and E-Sports competitor, south sider Jonathan “Hagios JNote” Hall Jr. (also known as J-Note the Gamer) is using his God given talents to help celebrate his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ across the world while making new beats and music for the kingdom.”

In the early 2000s Hall wrote his first instrumental song, published on his mother Prophetess Donna Hall’s album, entitled “Secret Place,” while developing his first video game.

But according to Hall, who loves both gaming and music, it wasn’t until 2012 that his first lyrical song was written.

In 2015, Hall says God gave him the foundation for what is now Hagios Creations, a multi-media, video gaming, Esports, and online apparel company that seeks to “Glorify God in clothing, gaming, music and in excellence.”

He also mentioned he has a heart for people and wants to help them to become saved as much as possible. And in all things, he seeks to glorify God and does media…”Christ’s way!”

With the popularity of video games on the rise across the country at colleges and universities under the title of “E-Sports,” Hall plans to expand his brand for the Lord through businesses, church groups and college campuses.

In addition to Hall’s passion to create outreach through music, he is focusing on Esports and gaming as there are currently more than 30 U.S. colleges and universities that offer scholarships for gamers.

Hall said this includes the University of Utah, one of the larger sports schools to offer scholarships for video gaming (and compete in Esports). Their team competes at the popular and high- profile League of Legends competition. The university currently offers players partial video game scholarships, with the future goal of offering full video game scholarships to its gaming team.

In addition, Robert Morris University, Chicago, was the first college in the U.S. to offer video gaming scholarships, where students can earn up to $19,000 a year. Robert Morris University Esports athletes also don team uniforms and enjoy post-game meals, just like any other collegiate sports team.

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