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2 West Side Alderman Join Forces to Assist Family Memorialize Death of Veteran Son & Unveil $15K Award

By A. L. Smith – Contributing Writer, Chicago Crusader News

Every day we’re haunted by relentless city street violence. During 2021, over 800 people, mostly Black and brown – were Shot and Killed in Chicago – during the pandemic! We cannot continue to lose our future – imperiling the lives of potential next generation achievers.

Mrs. Eyvette Newell-Dobbs is an unintended partner in a sad society no one wants to join. She’s a faithful, God-fearing Black woman, wife and ‘Mother on a Mission’ –to find out what happened to her son Darius Teague – a diligent, 29-year-old, upstanding, highly-decorated former Army veteran tragically shot and killed walking home one evening late last year, another victim murdered in Chicago. To date, despite concerted effort, there’s  been little information, few leads, and no justice for her fallen child.

Thanks to a strategic collaboration between key West Side Aldermen and other Chicago leaders and Mrs. Dobbs, things will hopefully change soon. KEY: There will also be an announcement of a $15K award for information leading to a conviction.

On Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 2:00pm near the CTA Bus Shelter  at Roosevelt Road (1200 South) & Racine Ave. (1200 West), in the 25th Ward there will be a  “Never Forgotten” Memorial & Public Unveiling of Digital ‘Community Alert’ Billboards on CTA Bus Shelters featuring images of slain U.S. Army Veteran Darius Teague and a Memorial Balloon Release and Program to honor his all-too-short life, fatally shot multiple times walking home.

37th Ward Ald. Emma Mitts is spearheading the community awareness effort. “I’m helping local residents deal with the devastating consequences of street violence impacting their lives and families. As Alderman, I feel the 37th  & 25thWard communities owe this brave woman and others to do our part, standing united so they don’t face tough times alone.”

25th Ward Alderman Sicho-Lopez agrees: “The time to act in strategic partnership with Aldermanic colleagues to enhance safety for our neighborhood residents is now.”

Actively involved local elected officials like 37th Ward Ald. Mitts, 25th Ward Ald. Byron Sicho-Lopez, Chicago Police Department 3rd Dist. Detectives, CTA, and Bus Company J C Decaux, – who created the Digital Bus Shelter Ads, U.S. Army and Veteran’s advocacy groups, Cook County Crime Stoppers, and Chicago Survivors, Chicago Build, along with Darius’ father, extended family and friends, Mrs. Newell-Dobbs is extremely encouraged and grateful for the tremendous support she’s receiving.

“Currently I am expanding justice-seeking efforts for my son by launching billboards in select high-traffic locations like Racine & Roosevelt Road near the incident. I thank CTA and JC Decaux for their marvelous assistance. We’re hosting this week’s memorial balloon launch, additional media activations and other on-ground strategies designed to produce positive results. Now another unfortunate city family impacted by gun-violence, she is guided by her fearless faith. “Thanks to God, I’m deeply committed and unstoppable. I refuse to be ruled by fear or defeat.”

The Memorial Balloon Release for U.S. Army Veteran Darius Teague follows a short program.

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