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Chicago IT Exec revolutionizes the Tech Space with groundbreaking software

Having created his first computer program at the tender age of 13, Greg Bush, Jr. always knew his career path would involve technology innovation. Fast forward 35-plus years and this President and CEO of tech firm KFA, Inc. has created an award-winning software PHAZE. This platform provides an affordable way for smaller companies to up their productivity by up to 250% in nearly half the time. This groundbreaking technology was inspired by the vast digital divide he discovered during his travels to Africa.

“While access to the internet and smart devices has improved, Africa has the most significant digital divide of any continent,” said Bush. “On my first trade mission to East Africa in March 2019, I discovered most businesspeople were in their 20’s and conducted major business transactions via cell phone and text messaging apps. It became clear that small businesses and developing African nations needed affordable IT solutions in order to compete and advance on the world stage.”

Upon his return to the U.S., Bush began seeking solutions not only for Africa but disadvantaged business enterprises in America. To his surprise, no U.S.-based company wanted to participate in the development of the technology, so he created PHAZE with his internal team. As COVID-19 put the business world on its heels in March 2020, Bush’s vision for PHAZE began to expand.

“It was a forced focus,” recalls Bush. “Practically everyone was working remotely if at all and it made me realize that PHAZE was needed now more than ever.”

How PHAZE works

Businesses looking to complete projects for clients require a process whether it be simplistic or extremely complex. PHAZE brings together all elements, phases and aspects of a business project including vendors, assignments, timelines, deadlines, feedback, etc. in one platform. All those affiliated with the project can view the progress of the project in confidence while reviewing information and updates from their assigned dashboards. In essence, PHAZE provides the governance of major projects without the enormous price tag typically attached to multi-level business initiatives.

“We created PHAZE with the end-user in mind,” said Bush. “Thanks to the advent of the internet, businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to competitively get their products and services into the marketplace. PHAZE provides the IT support, governance and accountability that companies need to successfully complete all tasks associated with client projects.”

Bush’s seemingly “wild idea” drew the attention of Harvard Business School causing researchers to follow the development of PHAZE over the past 18 months. Findings from their case study can be found by searching for KFA, Inc.: Building the Future online.

“I was humbled by Harvard’s interest, and it further confirmed that PHAZE is filling a void while empowering entrepreneurs to scale up and manage larger projects on behalf of clients,” said Bush. “Like many of the tech giants before me, it all starts with identifying a need and creating a solution for it.”

Now that the software has launched, Bush and his team are focused on bringing it to market globally while keeping it affordable for small businesses and start-ups. Subscriptions to the platform start as low as $5 per month per user. Various, tiered packages are available based on the complexity of the company’s project needs. Business owners can experience the software through a free, 30-day trial (no credit card or commitment required), which can be accessed on any device (computer, tablet and cell phone) via Android, Apple or Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Bush’s firm KFA, Inc. continues to earn recognition and awards including the U.S. Department of Commerce’s designation as 2020 “Minority Innovative Technology Firm of the Year.”

News of the innovative tool is gaining global ground with Bush forging partnerships as far as the Ivory Coast, Kenya and France.

“Every time I talk about PHAZE, I think of that ambitious entrepreneur who is desperately searching for ways to grow their bottom line while getting the job done in the most cost-efficient way,” said Bush. “Mark my words. PHAZE is poised to revolutionize the way all businesses get projects done. It is my way of giving entrepreneurs a comprehensive tool that is sure to contribute to their success.”

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