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Traditionally the Chicago Crusader does not endorse candidates early, as is the tradition of some publications like the daily newspapers in Chicago. For the first time the Crusader will endorse some candidates three weeks prior to the June 28, 2022 primary election.

For voters who ask why now, the Crusader editorial board submits that the track records of some officeholders and some would be nominees are troublesome, and we are not comfortable that the consequences will benefit our community if they are elected.

We have seen many office holders, many African American, who should make us feel secure that we are in good hands in some races we are facing in just three weeks.

It is because of our concern that we may not end up in good hands, that we are asking voters to seriously think before they make their final decisions, and not give their votes to some candidates who only show up near election time.

We should not nominate a person who really has their sights on another office, to be secure in holding down an important office until they can attain their real goal. They want to have tremendous power and use it against those who are not in lockstep with them, and reward those who selfishly have only one voter in mind, themselves!!

One such officeholder has used that power vindictively to force persons out of office, by using funds to defeat otherwise qualified officeholders. This officeholder has reneged on endorsements from the Democratic Party after first endorsing them, to have their puppet candidate fill the position.

It is for this reason and others…

The Chicago Crusader heartily endorses:


Richard Boykin
Richard Boykin

Mr. Boykin served one term as Cook County Board Commissioner of the 1st District and his performance was stellar. He made one BIG mistake according to the actions of the present Cook County Board President, when he opposed a soda tax that she proposed. It did not matter to the President that the voters of Cook County were overwhelmingly against the soda tax and as a result the tax was defeated.

Funds were used, we are not sure what pot they were taken from, the Democratic Party pot or a personal pot, to defeat him for the position of 1st District County Commissioner when he ran four years ago.

In Cook County we are faced with great challenges. In Black communities there are huge disparities in health, crime, economic opportunities, and just plain jobs that could provide for a healthy and a happy living environment.

The Black community is reeling from the many health conditions, some still unknown if they are behind us, as a result of COVID-19. The present Cook County Board President closed up the nearby southside Provident Hospital when the pandemic was at its highest. Reports abound that many deaths, especially in the Black community, were unnecessary.

Now funds are being lucratively spread throughout the County, especially in the south suburbs, with reckless consideration. Promises are being made that may be reneged on, such as two years of funds to be disbursed to eligible Cook County residents. These are funds you cannot apply for until August, well after the June 28 primary. How convenient!!!

The present officeholder has made few public appearances prior to the bell ringing sounding the beginning of re-election time. It is no secret the incumbent wants to be Mayor.

Mr. Boykin says he will work hard for a safer, healthier, and more affordable Cook County. We believe him. He knows government and hasn’t forgotten his Englewood upbringing. We ask you, the voters, not to buy the hype.



For several decades the Office of Secretary of State was held by one man, Jesse White. Mr. White decided not to seek another term in this year’s primary election. We first want to thank him for his many years of service and wish him well in his future endeavors.

David Moore
David Moore

With the office being vacated by Mr. White, we have the opportunity to elect a man well known in city politics. Since 2015 he has served the residents of the 17th Ward as their Alderman. We enthusiastically endorse DAVID MOORE for Secretary of State.

Mr. Moore comes from a background in accounting. He earned his undergraduate degree from Western Illinois University, majoring in accounting and operations management. At Loyola University-Chicago he earned an MA with emphasis in government studies.

Not only is he qualified for the position, but he has a plan for improving the office. We are intrigued by many of the things he plans to implement to clean up the waste, fraud, and corruption. He will run a transparent shop. We believe he will be accountable.

David Moore has garnered very impressive endorsements including the IVI-IPO Endorsement; those of several clergy and women’s groups; and as well, those of former Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown, and former Chicago Alderman Dick Simpson.

He is campaigning on the platform of service, experience, and integrity. We believe we can count on him to keep his promises.

We urge voters to cast their vote for DAVID MOORE for SECRETRY OF STATE. PUNCH 15


Danny K. Davis
Danny K. Davis

We continue to need strong voices in the United States Congress. The 7th District has been represented for several decades by a continuously loyal and productive individual, Danny K. Davis. Voters need to look at his record and vote to keep him in Congress. He has served many years and those years now put him in line to head up important committees. Let’s not give up the opportunity, with his leadership, to navigate legislation that is so needed in our community.

Danny Davis is well known for promoting second chance legislation, legislation that has benefitted young people who made mistakes early in their lives and through the legislation he supported, have been given an opportunity to make the right decisions going forward.

Congressman Davis has also been instrumental in getting through legislation to benefit our veterans who have made tremendous contributions in service to help all of our citizens. He continues to sponsor important legislation, too numerous to name here.

Danny Davis has not rested on his past triumphs. He continues to provide the leadership and support in the United States Congress that his constituents need.

Congressman Davis’ endorsement support for re-election as Congressman of the 7th District reads like a Who’s Who of city, state, and Cook County elected officials, as well as civic leaders.

The Chicago Crusader adds its name to his list of supporters and  we urge voters to vote on the Democratic ticket for DANNY K. DAVIS. PUNCH 32

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