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Brittney Griner, the beleaguered basketball player who is facing nine years in a Russian prison camp for possession of marijuana is catching a LOT of flack from Americans, especially white Americans. Their comments on social media carry an incredible amount of vitriol. They are saying things such as, “I’m trying to conjure up a reason I should care. Nope, nothin.” “She will have ample time to practice the national anthem.” “…and here I am hoping she rots in prison and never sets foot on American soil again.” “…like gangbusters, let her break rocks.”

More comments: “How’s that divisive, polarizing, Woke [sic] hatred working out for yah Brittney!” “… you don’t F*CK with other countries [sic] laws. hope she gets 9 more added on to her already 9 years.” “He” deserves it. Did “he” think “he” was so SPECIAL “he” could GET BY with it?” “She’s just a liar…see ya in 9 years…” “…if you care about that Unamerican b1+ch [sic], then head over to Russia too!!! You won’t be missed.” “…she shouldn’t have hated America when she had her freedom. She got exactly what she deserved.” “She will have ample time to practice the national anthem.”

Essentially, very many observers of Griner’s situation criticize her because they are accusing her of being unpatriotic. Apparently, she was blamed for not honoring the national anthem. Interestingly, there is a stanza in the national anthem that speaks of the slaves in a disparaging manner, which has been pointed out to her critics. They choose to ignore that idea; however, and don’t connect the dots to the reluctance on the part of some Blacks to embrace the national anthem. Moreover, based on much of the criticism, it is very, very surprising how many white people don’t know their history OR are in complete denial of the part they have played in the oppression of Black people.

In addition to this, it has been revealed that there was a case similar to Griner’s not too long ago in Russia. A white woman, Audrey Lorber, was arrested in Russia for possession of much more marijuana than what was found on Brittney Griner. Her consequences were far different, however. She only served 3 months incarcerated in Russia and then was released!!! The critics who are pointing to how Brittney “got what she deserved” rarely respond when the Audrey Lorber situation is pointed out. The ones who have offered an excuse for the discrepancy say that “maybe they kept some of the story from the public and we don’t know the whole story,” or “maybe she was much younger than Brittney and was granted leniency based on her age.” The bottom line; however, is that she did not suffer like Brittney, who has already served nine months incarcerated in Russia and faces nine more years. It is even reported that it might be in a Russian labor camp!

It’s clear that Britney Griner faces double jeopardy: she is caught up in a very serious and scary situation in Russia. She is also faced with hatred coming from her own American citizens. The biggest excuse given by white people is that she is anti-American, but closer scrutiny reveals that a lot of the opposition might be based on race and homophobia. It is also possible that some of the Black people who are not sympathetic about her plight are motivated by homophobia. The bottom line is that a Black American citizen, a female who is a top star in the WNBA, is being mistreated. There are even whisperings that she is being held as a bargaining chip in international politics; she has already been offered to be exchanged for a Russian criminal incarcerated in the USA.

According to Griner’s wife, Brittney is in very low spirits. Cherelle Griner says Brittney is at her “weakest moment.” She said Brittney told her in a phone call that she felt “like my life just doesn’t matter. Like, y’all don’t see the need to get me back home? Am I just nothing?”

She’s very afraid about being left and forgotten in Russia, or just completely used to the point of her detriment, according to her wife, Cherelle Griner.

Griner is set for a hearing to appeal her nine-year prison sentence. Hopefully, she will be successful with her appeal. More importantly, Americans, and especially Black Americans, should send prayers and also advocate to bring her home. She did break the law in Russia, but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Just look at the Audrey Lorber situation for comparison. A Luta Continua.

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