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‘Bordello’ looks at the cruelty of 19th century prostitution 

1899. New Mexico. Five women working in a bordello in the Old West struggle to protect Angel, the 7-year-old girl left in their care, from being sold into a life of child prostitution.

Enoch is the so-called mastermind of the brothel featured in this film. He’s obligated to pay the sheriff a bribe regularly, but he’s fallen behind. It’s uncertain how the girls who are holed up in the house came to be there. He keeps promising that he’s taking them to Alaska when he can save up $1,000. He has sort of adopted a young girl whose mother died, and he laboriously looks after her.

Enoch believes that his land has hidden gold, which he digs away at throughout the day.

ENOCH IS THE brash owner of a 19th century brothel in the film “Bordello.”
ENOCH IS THE brash owner of a 19th century brothel in the film “Bordello.”

One day, in the midst of running the “business” and taking the women’s money, he is visited by some shaky looking salesmen who trick him into buying what could only be considered a forerunner to modern day penile implant/enhancer.

He is also offered a King’s ransom for Angel. With this discovery, the women plot a plan to kill Enoch, so he won’t sell the young girl into prostitution. What ensues are plans gone awry, a few killings and freedom for some of the women.

Directed by Carlo Liconti (Beginner’s Luck, “Rebels,” The Gambler Who Wouldn’t Die, Perpetual Motion); written by Daniel Matmor (Buffalo Heart, The Mangler, Urban Jungle Harlem); produced by Christian De La Rosa (Beginner’s Luck, Charity, Perpetual MotionThe Apprentice) and Carlo Liconti

Rounding out the cast, the film stars Kris Holden-Ried (Underworld: Awakening, K-19: The Widowmaker, “The Umbrella Academy”); Nisa Gunduz (Swindler SeductionFar Cry 6: The Vanishing); Heidi von Palleske (Dead Ringers, Starhunter, Starhunter Transformation, Starhunter Redux); Camille Stopps (The Love Club: Lauren’s Story, Alive); Jessica Danecker (Star Trek: Strange New WorldsFlight!); Jamie Elman (Shattered Glass, Johnny Mnemonic, Ralph Breaks the InternetWreck-it Ralph); Taylor Thorne (Northern Rescue, Project Ithaca, The Sisterhood and “Condor”).

“Bordello” will be released exclusively by Level 33 Entertainment on Digital | VOD platforms starting February 21.

Take a look at the trailerBORDELLO Official Trailer.

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