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Black youths urged to do more for God and their people

Black youths have been urged to strengthen their faith in God and pursue righteous lives of service for His kingdom and their people’s upliftment.

The calls were made by leaders of the Africa Resurrection and Restoration Ministries (ARRM) to a Kenyan Christian youth conference, which was attended by 50 young leaders. The consensus of the conference is for black Christian youths in Africa, the Caribbean, and the U.S. to work more closely for God and their people.

In a keynote address to the conference in Kissi, Min. Dr. Nicholas Okaijah-Thompson, ARRM’s executive director, said the youths should be well prepared spiritually and academically for kingdom work and their people’s progress. He asked them not to be influenced by corrupt foreign values but to adhere to the strong spiritual and moral values upheld by their leaders.

“Always be inspired by the Savior Jesus Christ, and follow the steps of  Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta and the first U.S. Black President  Barack Obama, whose father was a Kenyan,”  he said.

Minister Okaijah-Thompson recalled that Africa and black people, in general, have made significant strides toward world civilization. He, therefore, encouraged them to work hard to help regain Africa’s glorious past. They can do this, he said, by ensuring that the rich resources God has bestowed the black world are utilized effectively for their people’s well-being.

He recalled the successful African Christian youth conference in Ghana last year, and he urged the youth leaders to implement the conference resolutions. In particular, he said, the youth leaders must work to forge links with black youths in other parts of the world, including the Caribbean and the U.S.

On the last day of the Kissi youth conference, the participants, led by Pastor Rev. Douglas Mandereo, joined ARRM’s Chicago-based  Resurrection Prayer Line for a joyful praise and worship session. The youths sang upbeat songs and expressed appreciation for ARRM’s support for the church and orphanage. These include assisting with orphans’ school needs, funding food and poultry farms, and helping to extend the church.

Words of encouragement and prayers were also offered to the youths in their Christian walk by other ARRM leaders. They included Board chair Rev. Ernest Baker, who is senior pastor of New Hope Christian Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. Kofi-Noonoo, of the Council of Ghanaian Churches of Chicago and senior pastor of the Ebenezer United Church; Rev. Charlene Johnson, a senior minister in Ohio, ARRM’s Secretary, Min. Dr. Dorothy Thompson: Dr. Faustina Aryee of Oklahoma; Sister Marcia Carter of Arizona and; Sister Dorean Miles of Calumet City.

About ARRM

ARRM is a non-denominational Christian organization that is inspired by God’s love and the Holy Spirit in pursuing the Great Commission of Christ and helping the poor, needy, and orphans in Africa, the Caribbean, and the U.S.

For more information, visit ARRM’s website at or contact the group at [email protected].

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