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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day: What you need to know

By Melody Hobson,


There is a pay gap between men and women in this country. The average American woman makes about 80 cents on the dollar compared to the average American man. But when you take race into account, this wage gap widens considerably.

To illustrate this, the Equal Pay Today campaign has taken a novel approach to highlight this problem. They have marked dates on a calendar to signify how long it takes a woman to make the same amount of money a man makes for the year prior. Take the overall wage gap. If a man made a certain amount of money in 2017, a woman would have to work a little over three months extra to make that same amount.

As a result, Equal Pay Day for all women fell on April 10 of this year. However, August 7 – is Equal Pay Day for Black Women. This is because the average Black woman in America must work a little over 7 extra months to make what the average white male made in a year.


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