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A redneck is defined as a working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area. This term is considered to be derogatory and informal and is not a term of endearment. Rednecks are considered to be bigoted, narrow-minded, and prejudiced. The term is not usually used to indicate a Black person, but the truth of the matter is that “Black Rednecks” exist.

One person, in particular, would seem to warrant this description. His name is Jesse Lee Peterson, and he is the host of a popular podcast that is titled “The Fallen State.” His guests come from a broad range of backgrounds and his ideas are often considered to be outrageous. Several of his guests have walked out of his interviews in protest of his questions and attitudes.

Jessie Lee Peterson, a Black man raised in the rural South, lovingly considers Donald Trump to be the “Great White Hope.” He also insists that there is no such thing as racism! When he asks a question of a guest to clarify what is being said, he will often say, “I’m Black and slow,” please explain further. He believes that there are two types of men (males); Alpha and Beta. He thinks that Beta males are soft and compliant, and refers to them in a derogatory manner. Any man who would take advice from a female is a “Beta.”

Jesse Lee believes that men are meant to run the world, and that no man should take advice from a woman. Love does not originate with women – the natural order of intelligence, love, power and authority on Earth is the following: God—Man—Woman—Children. Basically, the only jurisdiction women have is children; women don’t have a direct pipeline to God, and they are not qualified to provide ideas to men. Any man who would listen to the advice of a woman is loudly proclaimed to be a “Beta!”

Jesse Lee believes whites are smarter than Blacks, and that all of the problems in the Black community stem totally from the actions of Blacks and their inferior behavior. He points out that Blacks are innately criminal and have done far more violence on Earth than whites. He insists that there is no proof that white people have held Blacks back, or even that the condition of Black people has been adversely impacted by race. When questioned about police brutality and its disproportionate impact on Blacks, Jesse Lee insists it is because Black people don’t know how to act when stopped by the police.

He basically believes that God does not communicate directly with women; that her husband is the intermediary. He also laments the fact that most Black children are raised in female-headed households. The catch is that he considers women to be totally responsible for this state of affairs. He once had a Black male guest on his show who admitted that he had never dated a Black woman. Jesse’s response was “Good!” or something to that effect. He encourages every man to “forgive” his mother for causing harm to the family and to the broader Black community. He believes that Satan is the head of women and God is the head of men.

Basically, Jesse Lee Peterson comes across as being extremely anti-Black, anti-woman, homophobic, and a multi-bigot. He does not acknowledge that racism exists. One of his favorite questions for guests is, “Do you love white people?”

Now, a person who was not born yesterday can find some truth in certain ideas that he promotes…it IS true that about 77 percent of Black children are raised without fathers. The issue is where he places the blame. It is also true that there is a violence problem among Blacks, but it definitely does NOT outstrip the overall violence that Blacks have been subjected to in America. The great irony is that Mr. Peterson is basically an affable guy with an engaging personality. He considers himself a consummate Christian, and he apparently believes the absolutely ridiculous things that he says,

Truth dictates that we all have our differences of opinion regarding important issues, but Mr. Peterson’s ideas are often so preposterous that his guests, white AND Black, look at him with disbelief. We are entitled to our beliefs, but it is unfortunate that this Black man’s ideas are capable of exacerbating racial animosities, which can be seen by the admiration that he gets from some of his white followers who express delight that they have an ally. Hopefully, his ideas will also serve as a catalyst for Black people to prove him wrong! Aluta Continua.

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