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On July 4, 1776, now known as Independence Day or the 4th of July, fireworks will be seen and heard all across America. This was the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, officially severing ties with Britain. It is the day indicating freedom for the American colonies.

Interestingly, though Americans are proud to celebrate this day, it is ironic that the colonists would utilize slave labor in order to build up their newly acquired spoils of the Civil War. And also ironically, after the slaves were “freed” in 1863, there was a whole contingent kept in the literal dark about their “free” status until June 19, 1865, now known as Juneteenth.

Chiefly, the United States fought for its own freedom while enslaving others. This smacks of hypocrisy. They took land that did not belong to them and put the rightful owners on “Reservations,” i.e., areas of land reserved for their confinement. The Native Americans were not free; they were a conquered people.

When understanding the history of the United States, it becomes very clear it is mired in contradiction, and observers who adhere to the philosophy of Karma are cautiously anticipating that the chickens of our transgressions are coming home to roost.

There is another irony: though the United States utilized domestic slavery in its development, it has become known as the champion of freedom’s quest on a global stage while not totally embracing freedom at home. Evidence of this is a country bruised by an attempted “coup” on January 6, 2021.

If the truth be told, we are currently in the throes of the most significant challenge to American autonomy and democracy since those early days 247 years ago. Based on the state of disunion we are experiencing, we will need whatever tools available to save us from a second Civil War.

Right now, we have a fissure so severe in the American body politic that some are actually calling our situation a “creeping civil war.” We are increasingly faced with multitudes questioning the right of America to attempt to spread democracy abroad without having our own house in order!

It has been said by certain social observers that the length of existence for an empire is approximately 400 years before elements of decline become evident. This may not be hard science, while the truth is that 247 years have lapsed since the Declaration of Independence; we are 404 years away from 1619. The United States is in a fight for continued existence.

During this period, a certain segment of the American population is attempting to take us kicking and screaming down the rabbit hole of fascism. Significant constrictions on what should be, or can be, taught in public schools are rampant. Absolutely ridiculous book banning is occurring, as is the truth of our collective history.

Moreover, there is an increasing lack of trust evident on almost every societal level; people distrust financial institutions as well as the current presidential administration. Actually, it appears as though a significant number of Americans actually seem to be ready to embrace fascism!

This should send a message to Black Americans; whatever major changes that will occur in America will be influenced by what Black Americans do. Unfortunately, we can already see the rise of Black activists who are urging Black people to forego voting. This is absolutely the wrong time to consider that ridiculous notion…too many of our ancestors have lost their lives in the quest for meaningful participation in the American political system. To play fast and loose with democracy during an age of “disunity” is one of the worst strategies that American Blacks should take at this time.

When all is closely examined, this is a very strategic time for Black America. It is during these transformative times that a unified Black community can help chart the course of a New America, one that really endeavors to live up to the promise of freedom for all. We must independently become independent! In so doing, we need to demand “repair,” i.e., Reparations. With this said, have a safe 4th of July holiday! A Luta Continua.

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