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Attorney Sue-Ann Robinson undeterred after FBI fails to make determination on cause of Shanquella Robinson’s death

Shanquella Robinson

Photo caption: Shanquella Robinson

Nationally renowned civil rights attorney Sue-Ann Robinson of Frontline Law is “disappointed but not deterred” in response to the decision of U.S. Federal Law Enforcement to not pursue charges against Robinson’s aggressor in her death.

The FBI held a meeting and advised the family that they cannot make a determination on Shanquella’s cause of death, their examiners autopsy showed no spinal injury. The same medical examiner determined that Shanquella had swelling on the brain. Despite video evidence showing her brutal attack and unexplained brain swelling they will not be pressing charges. “Justice delayed will not be justice denied . We will press on we are disappointed but not deterred,” said Attorney Robinson.

Robinson was killed while vacationing in Mexico in October of 2022. According to Mexican prosecutors, one of Robinson’s travel mates was the direct aggressor of her death. Initially, travel mates of Robinson claimed that her cause of death was alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy from Mexican authorities in the days following her death revealed that it was “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.”

Attorneys released the following statement:

There are U.S. and Mexican autopsy reports which show a difference in findings. These discrepancies can be credited to the delay in investigation by U.S. officials, who conducted the autopsy once Shanquella’s body was embalmed. When an investigation is delayed, the hard evidence to support prosecution diminishes, but in this case, that is due to the U.S. not considering this case to be a high priority. ​

While it is discouraging for the loved ones of Shanquella that their own F.B.I. will not be pursuing charges against Shanquella’s aggressor, it is our stance that justice is still possible for her death. There is still a chance at justice in Mexico. Mexican prosecutors have issued arrest warrants in this case and are willing to pursue charges. We strongly encourage The United States to prioritize facilitating extradition of those responsible for her death to Mexico to face accountability there.


About Attorney Sue-Ann Robinson:

Attorney Sue-Ann Robinson has represented cases ranging from police misconduct to liability of major corporations and has been featured on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNN, Newsmax, and RT America. She has over 15 years of courtroom experience and was named by National Black Lawyers as one of the “Top Black Lawyers under 40″ in the United States and one of the ‘”Top Ten Black Women Lawyers You Should Know” by Black Enterprise Magazine.

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