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America’s Heroes Group roars—the rights of Military Families Matter

Sometimes it’s an hour of serious talk about rarely discussed subjects, sometimes it’s an evening of laughing at inside jokes that military people relate to. Either way, the America’s Heroes Group radio talk show which first aired in April 2016 on WVON 1690AM, hosted by Vietnam veteran and iconic radio personality Cliff Kelley, is being heard all over the world. The show, a weekly live broadcast, is simulcast internationally on the iHeart Radio app.

And the show is hitting nerves, addressing topics of interest to military members and their families, and generating a flood of conversation on the show’s social media accounts following the weekly broadcast.

The show, says its Executive Producer Glenda Smith, focuses on educating, and advocating for veterans and active military personnel and their family members. It aims to have a direct impact, that effectively addresses goals of reducing homelessness, addressing PTSD/suicide, and other issues that military people face. That’s the big picture.  And the provocative, informative, little discussed weekly topics that drive the success of the show are what keep listeners listening.

Kelley, along with Veterans Administration administrators, business and political figures, and active and retired personnel from all branches of the U.S. military join in the entertaining, educational, and lively discussions.

The military population, estimated to consist of 40 million retired veterans, active Armed Forces service members, and their family members, is frequently provided resources through the show’s contacts and guest panelists.

Through panel discussions listeners are guided through the maze of government bureaucracy, be it a discussion of Military Sexual Trauma, benefit programs, or available legal and social services.

Much of the broadcast subject matter is redirected to print in the Chicago Crusader newspaper, and there too, elicits letters and emails commenting on the topic.

As stated earlier, many of the America’s Heroes Group weekly discussions are serious, none more so than the story “‘Grossly Unfair’? Widower Takes Ban On Military Injury Claims To Supreme Court.” It shines a light on the lack of legal rights of military families, and their inability to sue based on malpractice and neglect while on active duty.

To read the story by JoNel Aleccia click here: ‘Grossly Unfair’? Widower Takes Ban On Military Injury Claims To Supreme Court.

Watch the broadcast on the Cliff Kelly Show.

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