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America’s Heroes Group Public Policy Roundtable discussion

Veterans, United States Armed Forces and their family members have access to various levels of benefits today thanks to public policy.

For instance, public policy determined long ago that Veterans and Armed Forces service members should have access to better health care services, before, during and after military service. The “public” part of that term is the government entity, whether city, state or federal that enacts laws, regulations or a set of procedures, with the necessary funding to resolve an issue or problem. What is put in place to resolve the issue — the law – is the policy.  For most veterans, that would be the benefits received under GI Bills—it covers health, education and a number of other services.

An important component of public policy is the loud outcry from the public that brings attention to or identifies a problem. The veterans, Armed Forces and the public continue to demand better services and it is that “loud outcry” that has been the catalyst for change.

The America’s Heroes Group with its weekly radio broadcast hosted by Vietnam veteran and radio talk show personality Cliff Kelley embraces a mission to engage and connect veterans and Armed Forces, along with their family members to information, resources and referrals that directly impact their lives on a daily basis. With this in mind, a new theme was added to the weekly show on March 2, 2019 — Public Policy.

Once a month Kelley, the panelists and possible guests will discuss a number of public policy topics on the air to keep the listening audience informed.

On the first Public Policy show Kelley shared the latest news on a number of topics and then the roundtable panelists Sean Claiborne, Attorney Ernesto Borges, and Rochelle Crump, founder and president of The National Veteran Women’s United discussed them. The show’s feedback from the public indicated a high interest in the Public Policy topic.

Topics included a recent Pentagon report calling for changes to how the United States measures civilian deaths, the recent death of the first female fighter pilot and the Senate’s approval of a Middle East policy bill to keep U.S. Troops in Afghanistan.

The next show on Public Policy is scheduled to air April 6, 2019.


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