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America badly needs a downpour of ‘Purple Reign’

By Vernon A. Williams

map purpleBreaking News: Racism is not about Black people. It never has been and never will be. The fact that African Americans are the ones most deeply involved in the dialogue is exactly why there is no progress.

Political candidates who denounce prejudice and hatred while speaking to crowds in South Carolina and California and New York are deceptive. We need you to breathe that freedom fire in Utah, Florida, Montana and Arkansas.

Telling Black people that you’ve got their back is of no use in politically-safe environments. Risk losing support of some of your narrow minded donors by enlightening their perspective.

And getting back to the original thought, the media needs to stop dominating news and talk shows on race with civil rights advocates and articulate Black intellectuals. The problem is as well defined as imaginable. Face it for what we know it is.

In the words of one late show host, if you still say, “Trump is a little racist,” then you clearly don’t understand the definition of little.

Play time is over, America. We have a maniacal administration that, if nothing else, has drawn the current day racial reality in clear black and white. There are no more gray areas.

It is time to challenge some friendships and relationships. White people who still endorse racist 45 are at the very least, “racism sympathizers” if not covertly racist themselves. Bottom line.

To play it off on his management of the economy – that started spiraling up 10 straight months before he took office – is an insult to one’s intelligence; a thinly veiled red herring. Even if you believe he is a genius, you should shun him on moral grounds alone.

This is the 11th hour America. We need to know where people stand. And good citizens who don’t happen to be African American should proudly stand beside us on this arduous journey for dignity. We need to drop red and blue allegiance in favor of PURPLE REIGN.

Real talk, you don’t have to be gay to deplore homophobia. You don’t have to be female to hate misogyny. You don’t have to be Jewish to abhor anti-Semitism or Muslim to denounce xenophobia. Adults rightly castigate pedophilia.

Rejection of despicable thoughts and deeds should exceed the circle of those most seriously impacted. Empathy is humanity. Where there is irrefutable wrong, righteous indignation should resound among all people of good will.

People of color under racist attack should be comforted by the evidence of strong white neighbors, colleagues, friends, associates, parishioners, and even strangers willing to step up as vocal allies of good versus evil.

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. both said, in essence, in the end it won’t be the vile antagonism of your enemies that you most lament. It will be the silence of otherwise upstanding and respectable citizens.

There is no neutral ground in this war of morality. Bring red and blue together like never before for PURPLE REIGN. Reason, common sense, dignity and respect for one another should dominate dialogue. We need our brothers and sisters of all races to stand beside us strong and unwavering.

Those who won’t openly, clearly, and persistently decry bigotry and divineness are complicit. The bottom line for Americans of all races, ethnicities and religions is simply this – you are either indisputably part of the solution, or you are shamefully part of the problem.

The absence of condemnation is evidence of consent.

CIRCLE CITY CONNECTION  by Vernon A. Williams is a series of essays on myriad topics that include social issues, human interest, entertainment and profiles of difference-makers who are forging change in a constantly evolving society.Williams is a 40-year veteran journalist based in Indianapolis, IN – commonly referred to as The Circle City. Send comments or questions to: [email protected].

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