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Aldermanic Endorsements for 2023 Runoff Election

Crusader Aldermanic Endorsements 2023




We endorsed Prentice Butler in the Primary Election because of his experience as the Chief of Staff for Alderman Sophia King. Butler is well prepared to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities on day one. The Crusader wants the 4th Ward to continue being represented by a local candidate who knows the issues. Butler is that person. Let’s keep the 4th Ward seat local. During his time as Chief of Staff, Butler has worked toward attracting quality commercial and residential development, improving neighborhood public schools, enhancing public safety, and increasing transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the City of Chicago.

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Yancy is someone the Crusader believes will be a fierce champion for marginalized communities throughout the city, not just the 5th Ward. Yancy has a grassroots community organizing background that includes successful campaigns in support of raising the minimum wage, expanding voter access, increasing resources for senior citizens and people with disabilities, and access to childcare resources for working families. He is the Senior Director of Organizing and Advocacy for the Inner-City Muslim Action Network. Prior to his current position, Yancy served as co-founder and spokesperson for the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA) and the Empowering Communities for Public Safety Coalitions. It is the same organization that compelled the City of Chicago to create the Community Commission on Public Safety and Accountability in response to the killing of Laquan McDonald and the cover-up, as well as the police misconduct leading to an exorbitant amount of money being paid to victims. Yancy has indicated if elected Alderman he would like to push the city towards creating more policy accountability and oversight, which he said is still lacking even after the commission and councils’ creation. The Crusader endorses Desmond C. Yancy for 5th Ward Alderman.


This runoff campaign may go down in history as one riddled with more negative political ads than any other. William Hall is most certainly a victim of negative political tactics. Despite the negative campaigning, the Crusader endorsed Hall in the Primary Election and he has our endorsement in the Runoff Election, because of the person he is today. Hall is the pastor at St. James Community Church in Chatham. He has worked as the National Field Coordinator for Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr., and the Rainbow Push Coalition and in 2011 founded the Acts of Love Global Foundation, an organization dedicated to human rights and social services that helps to provide resources to kids in poor communities across the U.S. and the globe. Hall has a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in religious studies from DePaul University. The Crusader believes the past he has now achieved makes him uniquely qualified to address the ward’s crime problem and bring more resources to the 6th Ward, including social services, mental health clinics and violence prevention programs.


On March 25, 2023, the Crusader formally announced its endorsement of Cornell Dantzler for the 21st Ward Alderman seat. One reason Dantzler is in the runoff is his commitment to the 21st Ward. The long-time resident received a tremendous amount of voter support in the Primary Election. Who is Dantzler? He is a U.S. Navy veteran and retired Chicago firefighter, who is also a dedicated public servant. We strongly believe Dantzler will deliver as alderman of the 21st Ward if elected. The Crusader believes Cornell Dantzler will work tirelessly to enhance economic growth in the “all new” 21st Ward. He will work to address public safety, rebuild and expand the ward’s current business districts and fight to increase its home ownership. In addition, Dantzler wants to place a high priority on improving the public infrastructure within the 21st Ward by rebuilding its sidewalks, streets, and alleys.


The Crusader endorses incumbent Monique Scott, who was appointed to the 24th Ward seat by Mayor Lori Lightfoot when former Alderman Michael Scott (her brother) resigned. Although the Crusader is not a proponent of nepotism, it is obvious Scott has held her own with the constituents of the 24th Ward. She should have the opportunity to serve a full term, rather than disrupt the Ward’s representation with someone new. Alderwoman Scott’s life of service to the community is not her only qualification, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Jackson State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from National Louis University. Alderwoman Scott is committed to building a successful community.

The Crusader stands by its endorsement of CB Johnson in the April 4th Runoff Election as well. As we said in our initial endorsement of Johnson during the Primary Election, Johnson is a fresh face to Chicago politics. The 29th Ward needs people like him to not be a rubber-stamp member on the City Council. Johnson aims to improve the quality of life in his ward by holding Chicago’s Street and Sanitation Department accountable for potholes, speed bumps, garbage and refuse collection, rodent control, tree trimming, ice and snow removal and abandoned buildings.
As alderman, Johnson plans to hold regular meetings in every neighborhood in the 29th Ward. He will listen to residents on zoning matters and will organize a block club on every block in the ward.
Johnson will also fight to ensure the safety of senior citizens, children going to school, mail men and women making deliveries will be a top priority.

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