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Alderman Pat Dowell garners major endorsements from Clergy and Labor

Alderman Pat Dowell

Bishop Larry D. Trotter and Bishop Horace Smith led over 100O pastors from throughout Cook County who traveled to Chicago to officially announce their endorsement of Alderman Pat Dowell to replace outgoing Congressman Bobby Rush. In January of 2022, Representative Rush announced his retirement from Congress after 30 years of service.

Over the past four months many of these ministers have taken the time necessary to research and meet with a majority of the twenty candidates who have filed petitions seeking to be elected in the June 28th, 2022, Democratic Primary Election. But after much meditation and collective evaluation, the diverse group of clergy leaders selected Dowell due to her experience, ability to raise funds, accomplishments, and name recognition.

“Given Representative Rush’s abrupt announcement to retire, it was clear the election would become a sprint to June 28th, rather than that of a lengthy campaign. Which means that the best candidate is one who must have credible name recognition, a fundraising apparatus, a record of accomplishments, and a strong base of support. Alderman Dowell is the only candidate with those collective qualities. She is clearly the best candidate.” says Bishop Claude Porter, Senior Pastor of the Proviso M.B. Church of Maywood.

Bishop Larry D. Trotter adds, “Alderman Dowell has been the leading catalyst for the rebirth of Bronzeville. She has a keen sense of how economic development can impact the very thrust of any community. She is a coalition builder to whom we desperately need in Congress.”

Alderman Pat Dowell

Upon hearing of Congressman Rush’s announcement, Alderman Dowell immediately suspended her campaign for Illinois Secretary of State and launched her campaign for congress. She has had the added advantage of campaigning throughout the state over the past year, including that of the 1st Congressional District. She has served as 3rd Ward Alderman and Committeewoman for over two decades. The ward is profoundly located within the heart of the 1st Congressional District.

“Pat Dowell has served as our church’s Alderman for over twenty -years. While she has always responded to the needs of our congregation, it is her honesty and integrity that has most impressed me. In an age where there is so much political apathy and skepticism, it is very refreshing to know that there are very credible and integrity driven leaders such as Pat Dowell. I fully support her for Congress.” Say Dr. Horace Smith of the Apostolic Faith Church.

Pastor Michael Eaddy of the Peoples Harvest Church adds, “Its simply Pat Dowell’s time to go to Congress.”

“I’m grateful, honored, and blessed to receive this endorsement. I know all too well of the enormous impact of the black church and its role in our communities.” says Alderman Dowell.

“Dowell adds, “There is still much work to do in this path to victory. Having the blessings, support and full endorsement of these faith leaders gives the spiritual push we need to conquer our goal. My faith is strong and my passion for this office is high.”

Labor Supports Dowell

In addition to the Clergy she also garnered major labor endorsements

Recently,  SEIU Local 1 endorsed Pat Dowell for Illinois’ 1st Congressional District. SEIU Local 1 — representing more than 3,500 Illinoisian working families in the 1st Congressional District —  supports candidates who have demonstrated a strong commitment to fighting for economic, racial, immigrant and environmental justice for our state’s working families.

“Dowell has a proven record of supporting issues crucial to working families. As the former Alderwoman for Ward 3, Dowell improved the lives of working Chicagoans by ensuring paid sick leave, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and ensuring city contracts went to strong unions,” said SEIU Local 1 President Genie Kastrup. “We look forward to continuing to work with her in fighting for a fair economy that works for everyone.”

“I am humbled by endorsement by the working families of SEIU Local 1. I proudly stand with our brothers and sisters in SEIU and all Union workers. In Congress, I will continue, as I did in Chicago City Council, being a strong advocate for workers’ rights. Justice for the people is one of my deepest held beliefs. That belief will guide me in Congress. Thank you to the members of SEIU for having faith in me,” said Ald. Pat Dowell, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Illinois’ 1st Congressional District.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 represents nearly 50,000 working people in six states and 11 cities across the Midwest.

In addition to SEIU Local 1, SEIU Local 73 has endorsed Pat Dowell for U.S. Representative. SEIU Local 73 represents more than 5,600 frontline, essential workers in the district.

“We are proud to endorse Pat Dowell for Congress. She is a proven, trusted leader and a lifelong public servant,” said Dian Palmer, President of SEIU Local 73. “As Alderman of the 3rd Ward in Chicago, we have worked closely with Pat to ensure our members, and the communities they serve, receive the dignity and respect they deserve.”

“As a former social worker, I know first-hand the important work SEIU Local 73 does to ensure that people who work for municipalities, social service organizations, and other publicly funded positions are valued and rewarded,” said Dowell.

“In City Council, I’ve focused on economic growth in communities longest denied, and especially on jobs that help build generational wealth. SEIU Local 73 has been a fantastic partner in ensuring good jobs that not only allow people to make ends meet but retire in dignity. I look forward to continuing to partner with them in this work while I’m serving in Congress. We share a vision that by joining together in union, we can create a more just and humane society,” continued Dowell.

PICTURED ARE ALDERWOMAN Pat Dowell and various members of the Clergy from throughout Cook County.
PICTURED ARE ALDERWOMAN Pat Dowell and various members of the Clergy from throughout Cook County.

Pat Dowell has an extensive background in urban planning, community development, and civic engagement. She was elected as Alderman in 2007 and currently chairs the City Council Budget Committee. As Alderman, Dowell has worked to increase the number and strength of small businesses and develop economic opportunities for all. Prior to being elected to City Council, Dowell served as a social worker, an administrator of several large and small non-profits, and a university instructor. She also served as City Planner and Deputy Commissioner of Neighborhood Planning under former Chicago Mayors Harold Washington, Eugene Sawyer, and Richard Daley. Ald. Dowell was one of the primary architects of the Restoring Bronzeville Plan, which won the Burnham Award.

When elected to Congress, Dowell will be the first woman to represent IL-01.

SEIU Local 73 represents more than 31,000 workers, primarily in public service and publicly funded positions in school districts, municipalities, social service agencies, and many other job classifications in Illinois and Indiana. We are dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families.

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