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Acknowledging that intuition is as valuable as logic

Trusting intuition and operating from a grounded state of knowing allows us to be more effective in relationships and everyday life.

I recently became awakened to the God-in-me presence while witnessing the near-death experience of my mother. I now understand what it feels like for doctors to deliver unpleasant news to loved ones. I want to acknowledge the many who are still recalling that moment daily, and perhaps it’s become laborious to move beyond living “in the experience.” My desire is for this article to help you move forward with a different perspective on using the experience to live your future out loud. Know my heart goes out to you.

It’s been five years since I became my mom’s full-time guardian and caregiver (which means being her voice). The time finally arrived when I needed to work on her behalf. It required me to be present and anchored. I felt summoned to stand firm in my beliefs. In an instant, my life shifted from managing my daily business functions to suddenly being faced with many choices and decisions. Each decision was dependent upon my faith first, then on acknowledging the dangers of the decision later.

Anytime I made a choice, it seemed immediately after, another was required. It was a continuous pattern. I felt as if I were maneuvering in a maze, trying to find the best way to handle the terrain.

Four days after receiving treatment in the emergency room for blood clots, my mother was admitted into a rehabilitation facility to recover. Her breathing worsened, and emergency medical treatment was necessary. The doctors elected to transfer her to a different hospital, one I’d never heard of (although there are locations all around the Houston metropolitan and urban areas). The assigned physician said, “she is very sick.” I shared her medical history, and he explained what needed to happen for correction. I authorized the procedure. All I could do was wait for further notification about the outcome.

Hours passed. That evening, while alone in the lobby outside the Intensive Care Unit, waiting for someone to inform me of her condition, a nurse approached me with hopes of providing comfort. Within a few minutes, two doctors walked side-by-side out of the ICU toward me.

With all my being, I stood flat-footed and erect with the tips of each of my fingers touching each other as I allowed my body to feed off my internal energy to hold myself up. Her primary doctor introduced the assisting doctor as his brother. Both advised me to “notify family because she won’t make it beyond 24 hrs.”

Miraculously, weeks went by, with each day presenting a new challenge and a noticeable victory.

Mother was consciously responsive and could answer questions using her eyes and sometimes attempting to speak during all of this. At 83 years old, she survived the ECMO machine, breathing tube, bleeding in her brain, and blood clots. Twenty-one days after her initial ICU admission, she was moved to a step-down ICU unit and began physical therapy.

There’s only one person to thank, God! The doctors are still in awe about her miraculous recovery, currently in progress.

When initially she became short of breath, I thought I knew where to take her for the best care. She started at one hospital and ended up in a completely different system and care team. As the situation became intensive, I lost what little control I had and needed to trust God (my inner source) to see her through unexpected surgery and procedures. Deep inside, I knew that He was in control while a “whirlwind” was seemingly happening in the physical realm.

My mother’s medical condition required me to focus. Focus on what you might ask? I had to focus on the small beacons of hope shared with me by the medical team every time they mentioned her progress. Otherwise, it would have been easier for me to see all the odds against her improving. Instead, I leaned in and inquired more about the possibilities of the procedure’s benefits.

I had a choice. A choice to continue believing for the best or to give up and accept what appeared seemingly obvious.

I found myself choosing to use my inner source, which wasn’t necessarily the doctors’ recommendation; the results shocked the staff. This entire experience has taught me to live moment by moment and drew me to conclude I should be living my life like this every day instead of allowing circumstances to guide me.

There’s a trust factor weaved into living in the moment. It means we must trust using our intuition as our guide and be okay with the results. I no longer choose to worry about the differentiation between my business and someone else’s because of my DNA.

No two person’s creativity is the same. We each have different DNA and are unique in our own right. Learning to trust our intuitive ability is what the world needs.

When we focus on helping others find their distinguished gift and “OWN IT,” we can cause impact. Imagine if we all would accept the differences in our lives and businesses, focus on our passion, and fulfill God’s call on our lives? The world would be entirely different. It’s time for us to “own” who we are without continuously avoiding it with no end. It will make a considerable difference to the advancement of our life’s mission.

This experience has equipped me with a force of “knowing” in a way I’ve never known or understood. Spiritual development is how leaders and influencers prepare for making a difference.

I challenge you to embrace the experiences life offer and allow them to develop your intuition and apply it to your personal and professional lives. Learn how to trust your intuition and gain a more significant influence for impact. True creativity uses our intuitive senses such as sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, and inner wisdom or knowledge to stimulate innovation! Without it, there’s little growth.

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Sistah Soldier is an inspirational leader who helps women veterans, influencers, and leaders step into God’s call for their lives using their creative skills. She’s the CEO, host, and executive producer of SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show and the executive recruiter for SHE Works DigitalTM.

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