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We are embarking upon a New Year with New Possibilities. Every day that we live marks the beginning of our lives, literally! We create our collective and individual destinies one day at a time.

There tends to be a collective “flavor” of each New Year. The year 2023 had its own characteristics, which were distinct from the years before and will morph into something else in 2024.

Looking forward, it appears by all speculation that 2024 will bring significant changes. All kinds of scenarios are emerging, some positive and some not-so-positive.

For one, the 2024 elections will determine the fate of America, and by extension, the world, for years to come. It will mark the beginning of a new kind of global politics if the wrong people get into office, or a continuation of and possible modification of current policies, if they don’t. What we do individually and collectively will determine the outcomes.

What is certain is that people will most likely be divided into several camps. There will be those who believe we can influence outcomes, those who feel powerless, and those who don’t care. This latter group is the most problematic, because inaction or downright apathy can portend the death knell of our way of life in America and, by extension, change the world.

In this regard, society as we know it will be shaped by the relationship between visionaries and others who are pessimistic and who expect doom and gloom. Those who fall into this category can actually accelerate negative outcomes based on their cynicism.

In the New Year, it will be important to address this negative mindset in order to convince people that “what we see can, indeed, result in what we get!”

We create the future based on what we do in the present. Actually, if you give it serious thought, we are really in the eternal “now,” and every moment marks a time of new opportunities and outcomes that will play out in the direction of our thought patterns; we are creating our circumstances one thought at a time.

A lot of people do not believe this idea because they are not able to connect the dots between what they do, what they say, and what they think! They may not realize that based on the inferences related to the science of quantum physics, the universe responds to us.

We influence the direction of our lives, which is based upon what we have done in the past, what we do now, and our thoughts related to the future, and this is all bundled into the “now” of our existence. Regardless of the mistakes we have made in our lives, we can count them as instructive in order to create a better “now” for ourselves.

The previous concepts can be related to us individually, but also to society collectively.

Those individuals who are apathetic and feel they have no power will continue to be knocked around by the whims of fate, while others, who are more optimistic, will endeavor to make their visions reality. They believe in themselves.

This marks the difference between the movers and shakers and others, who feel powerless and exhibit apathy.

The bottom line is that collectively AND individually we create the future of our own lives as well as that of society. It would be extremely beneficial to ourselves and to society to seek out those who are like-minded in order to create a future we desire.

Working together toward a common goal and pooling our resources will go a long way to ensure the kind of future we envision, but we must first overcome negative conversations with ourselves to do this. We owe it to ourselves to give ourselves the best possible opportunities for collective and individual success this upcoming year.

With this said, the Crusader wishes for you and yours a safe, thoughtful, and prosperous New Year! A Luta Continua.  

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