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A family with Chicago roots shines on ‘Family Feud’

The Randle Family on 'Family Feud'

Photo caption: The Randle Family

An encore presentation of “Family Feud” will feature a Chicago area family and extended members. The Randle family enjoyed a repeat appearance during the week of July 31.

So, Crusader readers, if you missed their first appearance, you now have a chance to see them, as they have fun and regale back and forth with the effervescent and sharply dressed host, comedian Steve Harvey. And a fun fact for this group is that all their names start with the letter “L.”

The family members are all originally from Chicago; however, two siblings, Lowery and Lydia, currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, and another one, Leslie, resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Another family member, Lynn, resides on the South Side, and yet another, Larry, in the suburb of Carol Stream.

A spokesperson for The Randles offered the Crusader a short interview detailing their journey. The audition process was pretty seamless for the most part, Leslie Luster said. “Initially, we had to complete an application online. With that application we were given the option to either submit a video of our family or write a written statement. We decided it would be easiest to do the written statement due to the fact that we all live in different parts of the country.”

About a month after being notified that their application had been received, they received an email from casting inviting them to do a Zoom video conference.

The family must have impressed casting. “Apparently our energy was so great to the casting team because a couple of months later we got another email inviting us to come tape. We gave them a list of our availability to tape and sure enough they contacted us with taping dates and flight/accommodations information.”

But this invite to tape isn’t necessarily a given that a family will be chosen.

Luster added: “The producers always made a point to remind us that, even though they bring [a family] on for taping dates, it is not guaranteed that you will actually be chosen to be on the show and that you are still in audition mode. With that in mind, we knew we had to bring our ‘A’ game, which is easy for us because we were honestly just being our normal crazy and fun selves.”

The Randle family had the gift, because they say, “apparently that worked because they called our family to play for the first time on the last taping of that day.”

The family practiced on their own the day before its first appearance at the studio in Atlanta. Once they got to the studio, they played a mock game round with one of the producers, who was pretending to play Harvey.

The Randles didn’t employ any special tricks to use during their stay, and the Crusader doesn’t know how they fared in the end.

“We wouldn’t say that there were any tricks that helped us excel perse; however, they [casting] did reiterate to us to think each question out but not to overthink them, which definitely helped.”

During one point in the family’s earlier appearance, Harvey said he would “match the family’s crazy.” He appeared to have more fun than the families competing during The Randles’ reign. Their episodes must have been a hoot and served up good television, since they are included in a week of encore presentations.

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