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A Chorus For Us All: Singing for the Freedom to Vote – Wednesday Evening Concert

WHEN: Wednesday, December 8, 5:00pm

WHERE: Millennium Park, Chicago city Christmas tree (at the top of stairs behind the tree), Chicago, followed by a singing parade south on Michigan Avenue to distribute flyers on the Freedom to Vote Act

WHAT: “Do you fear what I fear?”

That’s one of several songs on the program at A Chorus For Us All: Singing for the Freedom to Vote, a one-night-only holiday sing-a-long staged by Chicago activists to demand that Illinois senators ensure Congress passes the Freedom to Vote Act.

Donning red, white and blue “Santa hats,” this one-of-a-kind holiday chorus will sing for all of us, performing new lyrics to old favorites to herald the very real fear that state voter suppression laws will destroy the freedom to vote in America.

Don’t miss Chicago residents serenading their senators, supporting the Freedom to Vote Act, and enjoying holiday camaraderie while singing gently tweaked Christmas carols to protect and support our greatest gift—democracy.

WHY:  We are calling on Congressional leaders to exercise their majority and pass the Freedom to Vote Act to set national standards for us to safely and freely cast our ballots, ensure that trusted local election officials count every vote. National standards are the only way to prevent state lawmakers from sabotaging our elections so they can take and hold power.

With the 2022 elections just ahead, we can’t let a minority of Americans control elections and stifle the freedom to vote for all.

But today, the same faction that spread lies about COVID and fueled the deadly attack on our Capitol is blocking the Freedom to Vote Act, which is supported by huge margins of Americans across race, place, and political ideology. 33 states are assaulting our democracy through laws that limit our freedom to vote by cutting voting hours and locations. In some states, if they don’t like your vote, they’ll reject it and choose their own result. We are calling on our Senators to lead the way to passing the Freedom to Vote Act to stop this erosion of our democracy. Our message: recess can wait: don’t come home without it. 

Who we are:  a progressive coalition of neighborhood chapters throughout the Chicago area representing nearly 40,000 members. Indivisible Chicago is recognized as a national leader in the grassroots movement to advance progressive values, influence elected officials, and win elections.

What we’ve done: We helped rebuild the Midwest Blue Wall in 2020 as the largest independent, out-of-state phone bank operation for both Michigan and Wisconsin, while supporting incumbents here in Illinois. A reliable partner for impacted communities seeking equity and justice, we support campaigns for abortion access, the Black Lives Matter movement, climate justice, immigration rights and more.For the latest updates, follow Indivisible Chicago on Facebook @IndivisibleChi, Twitter @IndivisibleChi and Instagram @IndivisibleChicago. JOIN – Join INDIVISIBLE CHICAGO.


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