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95.1FM Chicago to be broadcast partner for Real Men Cook 2020

Station’s involvement underscores commitment to community

Radio station 95.1FM Chicago is emerging as the city’s premiere station that is of the community, for the community and by the community. This is a title earned because it is the only Black-owned music station in Chicago. With this distinction, 95.1 FM Chicago has made major inroads into the communities that it embraces. With a record of strongly supporting the neighborhoods, the station is quickly earning a growing loyal listener base while taking the airwaves by storm.

Under the leadership of new owner Tracey V. Bell, President of Integrated Brand Marketing, 95.1 FM Chicago has brought a vision, energy and commitment that has seen it elevate its community profile by partnering with events that make a difference.

On Father’s Day and for the entire month of June — which is hailed as Men’s Health Month—the station will demonstrate its dedication to uplifting the community by serving as broadcast partner for Real Men Cook, the internationally renowned annual Father’s Day celebration that is renowned internationally. The event will be held on Father’s Day, June 21 from 3-6 PM CST.

For Bell, the partnership serves a triple purpose: it raises the awareness of the Real Men Charities community building message, it promotes the discussion of men’s and community health and it showcases the positive sides of Black men focused on family and fatherhood.

Explains Bell, “Our message has always been to promote the community, which is Real Men Cook’s mission as well. This alignment makes the partnership ideal.” Continuing on the significance of elevating Black men, Bell declared, “Our Black men get a bad reputation because of their portrayal in the media. But, that’s such a small number in totality. Real Men Cook’s Father’s Day celebration shows men who are leading, contributing and taking care of their families. We just don’t get to see that side because Black men don’t often get the chance to be  portrayed in their natural life as breadwinners. And they do it well. Real Men Cook shines a light on these men.”

Bell says she was  inspired to partner with Real Men Cook because she was awed by co-founder Yvette Moyo’s passion to provide a platform where Black men – and Black families – are highlighted.

“I knew Yvette’s background,” she explains “and partnering with Real Men Cook represents a meeting of the minds long before we talked about it. It was one of those targeted things I wanted to do.”

She confesses that Real Men Cook has been of interest to her long before she owned the radio station. She recalls attending the celebration and being taken by the energy and spirit of the event.

She was also blown away by the men showing off as grill masters including the late legendary Herb Kent who was challenging other men. She was also impressed to see a celebration around Father’s Day, since Mother’s Day is so universally revered.

“Having a celebration that revolves around men cooking is like feeding our bodies while feeding our souls,” she declares.

Real Men Cook will have an international reach since 95.1 FM Chicago streams live to multiple continents including South America, North America and 19 countries. The United States, Brazil and Canada are the top three countries to which the radio station beams live.

To enjoy the festivities requires downloading the App by going to your Apple or android play store and search for 95.1 Chicago. The HBCU Go App is also available and provides an opportunity as well.

Bell says the lure of food crosses all ethnicities so she knows the three-hour show will be enticing to all who tune in. She adds that music is the universal language and whether you listen to the station in South Africa, China, or at any other point of the globe, the audiences crave Classic R&B, Chicago style steppin,’ jazz, gospel, house music – all genres loved worldwide that are played on the station. Because of the attraction to food and because the station and Real Men Cook have an international following, she expects the Father’s Day celebration to attract huge audiences and ratings.

Legendary talent Ramonski Luv, who will be the event’s MC, has a deep connection to Real Men Cook because of his past participation. Other A-list Chicago veteran personalities on the 95.1 Chicago team feature a “Who’s Who in Black Chicago Radio.” They include legendary DJ Sam Chatman, First Lady, who also doubles as Program Director, Bonnie “Hey Baby” DeShong, Brian Frazier, Troi Tyler, Gachele Coffey, Dana Divine, Hugo Hutchinson, AJ Parker, Elsie Cardell, Ken Bedford and K-Blaze. They will be part of the 95.1 FM Chicago team that will capture the magic of Real Men Cook as it launches its fourth decade.

She added that Ramonski will be hosting and throwing the broadcast to various points of interest whether it’s somebody on the East coast or in China. “We will cover their Father’s Day celebration,” she declares.

Bell views the 95.1FM Chicago/Real Men Cook partnership against the station’s ultimate goal: to become the number one media outlet in Chicago. And, she views the bond with the community as the station’s greatest strength. Declares Bell, “Our partnership with Real Men Cook underscores our commitment to the community, which we are committed to serve.”

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