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22-year-old Chicago native’s passion for science lead him to seek cure for colon cancer

By Hasani Malone,

Keven Stonewall can track his passion for science back to the fifth grade, when his class was learning about the microscope. Stonewall fell in love with the optical instrument and rushed home to ask his parents for one for Christmas.

Now 22, the Chicago native has expanded his passion for science and medicine and has joined the fight to find a cure for colon cancer.

During his freshman year of high school, Stonewall had a friend lose his uncle to cancer. After watching the effects on him and his family — emotionally and economically – Stonewall decided he had to make an impact in cancer research. By junior year, he was working at a research lab, he said.

According to Colon Cancer Alliance, colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second-leading cause of cancer death in men and women, with mortality rates highest in African-Americans.

“In high school, it really hit me that I could do something that could really impact people,” he said.



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