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Dear Crusader Reader:

With the world moving in a direction we have not seen before, I had to take a few minutes to say thank you for the unwavering support you have shown the Crusader newspaper family.

I understand that we are all coping with the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways, and that’s where our attention is focused, and where it should be.

That is exactly the reason why your recent phone calls, letters, and emails about how much you appreciate the job the Crusader is doing means so much to me and my entire team.

Over the last eight decades we have worked to ensure that our readers are getting news about our community – news that no one else is providing. During that same period no matter what was going on, in the country or the state or city, you encouraged us to continue providing the kind of coverage we always have.

I certainly wish there was a way I could thank each of you individually for your support. Honestly, the acknowledgement of how important your ongoing faith in us should have come much sooner, however, as the saying goes, ‘life got in the way.’

No doubt all of you are aware of the numerous challenges in the newspaper industry. Fortunately, the issues the Crusader has had to face have been challenging, but not as debilitating as they have been for some mainstream media.

Our plan is to continue to listen to our many readers and focus on news that is of particular interest to you – the approach we have taken since the 1940s. As the Crusader moves into its 80th year of publishing, we simply want to thank you for your loyalty, insight and continued commitment.

My team and I send well wishes to all of you and to your families during the coronavirus pandemic. We will continue to report on news of importance to you.


Dorothy R. Leavell


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