Your Financial Vision Board for 2021

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By Delta Jones-Walker

Happy New Year! If you are reading this, then you have survived what has been one of the most challenging years on record. Many have suffered loss of loved ones, employment, health issues and financial instability, yet we live to fight another day!

January is always a great time to press the reset button on new or already established goals. Typical areas of focus always seem to include diet, weight loss and exercise. While these are very important, I thought it would be a unique idea to develop a separate vision board that is solely based on your financial goals. It’s a great way to single out your money vision without your other goals blocking any clarity. Let’s get started!

Here are a few areas to consider for 2021 Financial Vision Board:

  1. Saving – You already knew it was coming! With a whirlwind of a year like 2020, saving in 2021 should be a major goal. It is important to have a method to your saving that is consistent. Decide the frequency – weekly, payday, monthly, etc., and stick to the schedule. You should also decide on an amount whether it’s a dollar amount or a percentage. It’s even ok to add extra to the savings pot during the times of bonus, stimulus checks or tax returns.
  2. Debt Elimination – Debt is the perfect area to tackle this year! Feel free to put the names or logos of some of your largest debtors on your vision board. This is a mental note that they are targets for elimination! Go over your budget, and set goals to pay above the minimum amount due on these debts to get them paid off faster. Place deadlines for milestones or completion of payment on the vision board to help stay on track.
  3. Retirement Planning – Do you have a retirement plan in place? 401K? IRA? If not, make it a goal to establish one this year. If you do have a plan in place, revisit it to update contribution amounts, beneficiaries, etc.
  4. Explore the Stock Market – Ready to learn more about investing to build wealth? That’s a great goal for the new year! Do some research and connect with an investment professional to determine your stock interests and risk tolerance. It could even be fun to join a stock club with friends to get the hang of things while building your portfolio.
  5. Sit down with a Financial Advisor – If you have never talked with a financial advisor, this is your year! Take the time to select someone who is genuinely interested in helping you reach your financial goals. In fact, kick off your first meeting by sharing your financial vision board.

Perhaps you have a few more goals to add to your financial vision board including major purchases like a home, property or a vehicle. Maybe you’re looking to start a business. Add that too! The more you see your vision and goals in writing, the plainer they become! Good luck, and may your New Year be prosperous!

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