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Your finances in 2018: There’s an app for that!

By Delta Jones-Walker, Gary Crusader

In an age where technology is everything, there are countless tasks that you can complete from your mobile device. Whether it’s finding a perfect recipe for tonight’s dinner or buying seats to the opera, there’s an app for it.

There are also countless apps for handling your financial affairs. I know I just hit a sensitive spot because there is a significant sector of the population that is hesitant about sharing financial information via the internet or conducting transactions online. While I understand that the fear of identity theft is real, so is the trend of online banking, stock trading, investing, etc., and these practices are not going away. In fact, these trends will only continue to grow with more and more apps that help manage and move your money around.

Now, I’m not saying throw your checkbook away and stop going to the bank, but it wouldn’t hurt to explore some options in case there’s an emergency and you need to access your funds or make a payment in the middle of the night. So, let’s start with the basics:

  1. Download the app to your financial institution. These days, just about every bank has a mobile application where you can check your account balance, transfer funds between checking and savings accounts and even send money electronically to family, friends and debtors.

If you feel a little unsure about how to manipulate the app, visit your local banking institution, and ask for assistance. Once you get the hang of the app, be sure to log on regularly to check your balances and transaction history. Most apps have the feature where it alerts you via text or email every time a transaction is made on your account. This provides even more assurance that your assets are safe. However, you must be responsible by setting secure passwords, changing them frequently and monitoring your accounts to ensure there’s no irregular activity.

  1. Download an app where you can pay bills and/or send money. PayPal or Cash allow you to link your checking or savings account to the app so that you can pay bills, or send and receive money. In some cases, there are service fees, so be sure to read the fine print once you install these types of apps.

I know this may be a little scary for some, so I’ll stop here for now, but I encourage you to do the research about the trends of online banking. You don’t want to get caught off guard with new practices and services that financial institutions are moving toward pretty rapidly. Information is power, so take control of your finances online and off!

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