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Working to Stop the Violence in Our Community Youth Making a Difference

Event: “A Season of Dreams” Fundraiser

Date: December 7, 2017

Time: 5:30-7:30 pm

Location: Chicago Theological Seminary

1407 East 60th Street Chicago, Illinois 60637

Keynote Speaker: David Crump Violence Recovery Program Manager

University Chicago Medicine Adult Trauma Center

Tickets; $ 25.00 purchase tickets

Evite Brite “Season of Dreams: Fundraiser for Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub”

Purchase tickets at

The Woodlawn Restorative Justice HUB, STOP, and WECAN will host a fundraiser on December 7, 2017. 5:30 to 7:30 pm. at Chicago Theological Seminary

We are presenting a special evening of musical entertainment by local youth and performers A special evening of musical entertainment Miss Joyce “Peaches’ Faison and local youth participants. Our gold sponsorship is the University Chicago Medicine Adult Trauma Center.

Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub WRJHUB is an organization dedicated to leveraging relationships between street organizations and affiliated opportunity youth from conflicting street organization territories, and to interrupt their violent behavior and engage the youth in long-term leadership development, violence prevention, and peace building.

The goals of The Woodlawn Restorative Justice HUB are to:

1) Reduce violence;

2) Develop community capacity to hold restorative justice peace circles;

3) Create a long-term mentorship support system for youth at high risk;

4) Develop youth civic leadership;

5) Create opportunities for artistic expression in a trauma-informed context;

6) Connect disconnected young people to social services.

Woodlawn Restorative Justice HUB is an experience that every young person deserves. And there’s nothing quite like experiencing the magic tools of working together to promote peace building within the community. The transformation of commitment and dedication is priceless. We recognize that the gift of peace, laughter, communication and conflict resolution is equivalent to the divine joy of discovering a new friend. Our process promotes a new worldview of accomplishing, healing, and overcoming fear. There are gifts associated with living with purpose. Woodlawn Restorative Justice HUB has helped to ensure that we plant the seed of opportunity for our youth to spread their wings and soar to the top.

One of the greatest results of the program occurred after a tragedy. This summer the brother of one of our program participants was killed a block away from where he lives. Our program was there to offer support and a space for grieving. We also actively worked to keep him focused and to prevent him from being involved in retaliation. It was widely believed that the rival group responsible for his murder was a group that another one of our participants is affiliated with. When some of the murdered brother’s group went out in search of retribution our participant stayed home and instead called his fellow participant to ask if he was ok and warn him that he better stay home.

This act of reaching out across rival groups was a major breakthrough. It showed that our program is fostering deep and real relationships that have the potential to leverage transformative results.

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