Women Veterans Are Great Leaders: We Need More in Office


By Diana D. Danis

In the past, we watched folks pitch their bid about why we should elect them, saw ads and a few debates, mailed in or went to vote and tuned in the night of the election to see how things turned out.

Not anymore. We get to be tortured for however long until the arm-wrestling contest ends. People are already talking about 2024.

Meantime, out of 435 House seats, we now have at least 106 women and 25 out of 100 Senate seats. One hundred years after Suffrage, women have barely 25 percent of the seats in the federal legislature. A handful are veterans.

We can unify, organize and win with reason and pragmatism. You don’t have to embrace incrementalism to realize that it works. The message is work in your communities and find a race you have a shot at winning, and roll up your sleeves. Find out how to help the population where you live and pull people together.

Sit down with those who manage campaigns; they will tell you that all politics are local. Find the sweet spot that will make a difference for your community. A Community Board position? City Council? Be decent with your opposition and seek viable change that improves the environment, the economy and the lives of your neighbors.

Figure out how to save and infuse the local hospital or clinic with state-of-the-art equipment or help create cooperatives among institutions to keep rural, as well as urban, hospitals and clinics staffed.

Learn about carbon recapture options, solar roofing, infused concrete foam for building and wind power, along with bamboo and hemp as sustainable alternatives to invest in job retraining, infrastructure redevelopment and economic infusion nationwide. Our frontline workers are exhausted. Do you have a solution for them? How about food deserts? Buying “food” at a convenience store is not grocery shopping and terrible for inner-city dwellers and rural Americans.

We need to do better. Women veterans can do all of this. They are Navy Seabees and Army Corps of Engineers, Air Force technology whizzes and Marine land surveyors. They are designers, developers, managers, innovators, motivators and trainers. Their skills, knowledge and abilities are laudable, their educational attainments exceptional and their drive unparalleled.

Look to a wide berth of former enlisted, NCO’s and Officer women to join their civilian counterparts and veterans currently in office to fill more elected positions in 2022.

Let’s find our women vets, connect them with “VoteRunLead” and other programs, and start the campaigns after we have a few bits of respite and maybe fishing? Cheers.

Diana D. Danis November 13, 2020 ©

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