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Women sounded alarm on Essure birth control device. Now the FDA is cracking down.

“We have been banging on the door with information and data, begging and pleading with them to do something.”

By Daniel Arkin,

Nine years ago, Angie Firmalino was implanted with a permanent contraceptive device called Essure. The procedure, she says, was “extremely painful,” and the discomfort she felt even months later — fevers, achy joints, constant bleeding — was nearly debilitating.

Firmalino eventually took her concerns to a doctor, who did an ultrasound and discovered that the implant, originally inserted in her fallopian tubes, had become dislodged and migrated to her uterus.

She was shocked. After the appointment, “I sat in my car and cried,” Firmalino, 45, of Tannersville, New York, said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.


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