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Wired To Wear™ At The Museum Of Science And Industry

Technology’s next great revolution is as close as your clothes. Your wardrobe—and your life—will never be the same. Wired to Wear, ONGOING, is the first-ever exhibit dedicated to wearable technology—smart clothing and devices designed to extend the human body’s capabilities and make us healthier, stronger and safer.

Jackets that help you “see” in dark spaces. Racing suits that deploy their own airbags. A Jet Suit capable of traveling 32 mph. The future of wearable technology is here to explore now.

Clothes change us. Wired to Wear is where you can see more than 100 inventions from brands, designers, engineers and artists across 15 countries, representing the most innovative ideas in this emerging field. Interact with a dress that knows when you’re looking at it. Tattoos that turn the body into a musical instrument. A jacket that barks in warning if you’re crowding it. You’ll get to try out these imaginative ways for clothing to enhance our environment.

You know what they say…Dress for the future you want. Your wardrobe is getting a major update—and Wired to Wear is your preview of next. The right wear takes you anywhere. Tickets: this exhibition is not included in Museum Entry, and requires an additional, timed-entry ticket. The Museum of Science and Industry is located at 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive.

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