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Will Americans allow Republicans to rewrite history?


Voting for, supporting, endorsing or just refusing to condemn an “election denier” who rejects fundamental tenets of democracy is tantamount to being willing to install an atheist or devil worshipper as pastor of your congregation.

And yet people who would condone the taking of lives at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, 2021, without accountability on the part of the Party’s leadership, an instigator of the event, now stand ready to ignore that tragic event and seek public office to continue more of the same.

The worst part is, many of them will win. How many? Only time will tell. The prayer is that common sense and human decency will prevail even at the last hour and that the vitriolic campaigns of so many who are hell bent on division will be defeated.

The problem seems primarily to be people buying into this incredible myth that somehow Republicans hold all the answers to resolving a sluggish economy and alleviating inflation. Seldom in the history of global politics has there been such a reversal of responsibility.

Since when have Republicans been the party of the people. It wasn’t that long ago that George Bush was secretly recorded at a fundraiser filled with millionaires and billionaires, saying this was his base.

Ronald Reagan came from Hollywood where he regularly mingled with the rich and famous as his shamelessly Material Girl wife, Nancy, wasted exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars on White House excess.

One-termer Daddy Bush gained fame talking about a kinder, gentler nation that embraced the disenfranchised; the former CIA director’s actions never quite got in sync with his words.

And there is no need to even remind ourselves how the twice-impeached, one-term insurrection leader coddled friends and families in big business while enriching his own corporate coffers.

So, no matter what you think about the current state of the United States economy, and there is no doubt that we have seen better days, what in the world could lead anyone to believe Republicans have the answer to anything but their own interests.

The “Republithugs” stood as a unified bloc with not one GOP senator voting for tax relief, childcare, veteran’s assistance, college loan forgiveness, infrastructure, environment, lower prescription costs, voting rights or any of a long list of measures designed to address the needs of the common man or woman.

The bottom line is the Republican Party is desperately trying to rewrite their abysmal history of awarding progress for working people and kowtowing to the wealthiest Americans. They use scare tactics on the economy and threats about law and order to camouflage the lack of substance.

But when have you seen a larger bunch of crooks functioning with impunity, as they refuse to be held accountable for innumerable violations of the law at every level. As in George Orwell‘s book, “1984,” Republicans clearly believe that all people are created equal… some are more equal than others.

I hope the people reject their arrogance on election day. We will see..

Vernon A. Williams JuneteenthCIRCLE CITY CONNECTION by Vernon A. Williams is a series of essays on myriad topics that include social issues, human interest, entertainment and profiles of difference-makers who are forging change in a constantly evolving society. Williams is a 40-year veteran journalist based in Indianapolis, IN – commonly referred to as The Circle City. Send comments or questions to: [email protected].

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