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Why can’t we win the Terrorist War?

It has been two years since our President declared the ISIS movement a “jayvee” team. He implied this terrorist coalition was no big thing and we shouldn’t worry about it. Since that time ISIS has stretched its footprint to Libya, a majority of Syria and a significant amount of land in Iraq. They are efficiently managing attacks in Africa, the United States and Europe. They are reaching their goal of terrifying most of the world. The only nation seriously committed to defeating them is France, but they need other nations to join in.

The worst thing about ISIS is it is growing in numbers exponentially. The key to this growth is that they have established a Caliphate, which is a form of a state or nation. Young men and women from around the world see this as very romantic and empowering. They believe this movement can defeat the non-Muslim world and all participants will be empowered. The “poor things” are marching towards their graves, but yet they are coming in increasing numbers.

Some of the ISIS participants are trained and then sent back to their homelands to wait until ordered to perform Jihad (Islamic war). Others immigrate to nations like France, England and our own United States to blend into mainstream society, until ordered to strike. That is a very serious problem for us. Through negligence of our Homeland Security Administration they are allowed to come in like the Boston bombers and most recently the San Bernardino terrorists. This is going to continue and perhaps get worse as the White House is preparing to let in over 10,000 Syrian refugees. How convenient for ISIS to blend in with these refugees and just walk into our nation and be placed throughout a myriad of local communities. It is going to be a disaster of major proportions.

The above could be prevented, but for some very strange reason President Barack Obama does very little. This is causing a growing paranoia. More and more American citizens are starting to think that our President, who has a Muslim name; spent part of his childhood in a Muslim community; had Muslim parents and his closest advisor is Iranian born, Farsi speaking (Iranian language) Valerie Jarrett. Could there be a deep affinity? This is strengthened by his refusal to call this Muslim terrorism what it is. Instead, he uses the term workplace violence and any other description. He won’t call it what it is. It is making more and more people wonder whose side is he on. As presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz stated, “You can’t defeat an enemy if you don’t define him.” Congressman Michael Mc Caul, Chair of the Homeland Security Committee, said “ISIS is not on the run, it is on the move”.

The first thing responsible nations need to do is destroy the Caliphate. It is natural that the United States should lead this effort. Wherever ISIS has a strong presence, such as western Iraq, we should carpet bomb them. The “Shock and Awe” approach must be applied if we want to eradicate this growing threat to civilization. Immediately following the thorough carpet bombing we must invade their territory with at least two divisions (000) of our active military. We should also welcome other nations’ military. The more, the better because this will speed up the process.

Political posturing will not make this go away. Our President recently claimed that “We now have ISIS contained,” but within hours of saying that Paris was viciously attacked. Later, he claimed that we will have a very peaceful holiday season and not to worry. A few days later the San Bernardino Massacre took place. It appears that our leader should be quiet and start working on our national security

in an efficient manner. He should also realize that Gun Control has nothing to do with this. The more he threatens to ignore the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution (the right to bear arms), the more guns that are sold. On Black Friday over 185,000 gun permits were processed. That is an all-time national record. Liberty University has recently recommended to its faculty and students to apply (no cost) for gun permits through the Campus Police Department. In essence, Americans will not give up their weapons – it’s the last resort of safety. On Wall St. gun manufacturers’ stock is rising significantly.

Let’s upgrade our current VISA system and instantly take interest in unusual activity. We must wipe out ISIS thoroughly and immediately. There is a report that the Libya wing of ISIS has secured plane simulators and is training troops to fly aircraft. Memories of 9/11 enter my mind. We can’t repeat that! Mr. President if you love this country start defending it by any means necessary.

Mr. Alford is the President/-CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: www. Email: halford@-

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