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White Woman Goes On ‘Kill N***ers’ Rant And Is Exposed On Social Media

By NewsOne

Another white person has been caught on camera saying the N-word and her name is allegedly Heather Patton. The incident in a California CVS drug store has gone viral and is was likely teaching her a harsh lesson of what happens when you spit out racist hate in public.

According to, the video was recorded Tuesday in a CVS in Los Angeles. The woman identified as Patton can be seen jumping up and down and screaming, “I hate n*ggers!”

As the woman is shown walking to the parking lot, she screamed, “F*ck you n*ggers! I hate n*ggers!” She then added, “I would kill a n*gger but the law says I can’t kill the n*ggers. If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the n*ggers they’d all be dead!”

Watch below: wrote that Patton was “a 49-year-old Los Angeles resident who works in the TV and movie industry as a costume designer, wardrobe assistant, costumer and in various other film crew roles.”

A reported witness at the CVS, Renee Saldana, tweeted what she said happened.

“This happened yesterday afternoon. I was also there and got video of this woman’s racist rant at CVS in Eagle Rock,” Saldana tweeted.

Saldana also tweeted, “It was quiet in CVS & then someone just yelled the n-word and then it was quiet again & then that woman started screeching racist stuff towards a Black woman (who shot that video). There was no build-up or prior altercation.”

She also added, “There were at least a dozen witnesses and there was more yelling going on inside before the video starts. That woman was freaking out everyone in the store shouting about lynching Black people. There were 2 shoppers who saw her drive up & said she was driving erratically when she parked. When the woman took off after the rant, she was speeding west on Colorado driving on the wrong side of the street. Other frightened customers kept saying, ‘She could kill someone!’”

Clearly, this woman is a danger to herself and others.

A similar incident happened in Maryland, according to Ryan Williams, who is from the Maryland area and posted a detailed account on Medium (the post has been removed as of Sept. 25), he and his wife “drove up to the garage door, the door opened, and before the arm raised to let us out, we saw a man carrying a baby walking in front of the garage. My wife didn’t lift her foot off of the brake. We thought nothing of it. There’s no way to rush through the garage door. There’s a gate and then there’s an arm that lifts after the gate is raised. I imagine that it’s there to keep people from rushing out.”

But the man who called Williams the N-word actually called the cops. The aftermath of the cops being called is below as filmed by Williams.

This article originally appeared on NewsOne.

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