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White Woman Defaces Nipsey Hussle Memorial

By Michael Harriot, The Root

A Connecticut mural to slain rapper Nipsey Hussle has been restored after a young white woman was captured on video defacing the memorial and snapping selfies in remembrance of her brazen act of whiteness.

On Saturday, several people filmed a woman identified on social media as Kaitlyn “Kay Kay” Renee vandalizing a mural in Hartford, Conn., dedicated to the recently departed hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle. The painting was created by Corey Payne, a local artist.

The Krylon can-shaped woman’s actions infuriated social media users, some of whom threatened the real-life white walker on social media. Internet sleuths also noticed that the woman offering commentary appeared to be wearing a shirt with the same tag that the woman spray-painted on the building, leading some to claim that they were in on the stunt together.

“I ain’t boutta argue with none of y’all over some PAINTING, “Kaitlyn said via her Instagram account. “you know how much dope shit in heaven park gets painted over? Oh alright then hop off. Yah Boutta ‘kill’ me over a painting. That shit is hilarious.”

“Who’s a bitch?” Kay Kay added. “Not I. No disrespect to Corey y’all was just coming out y’all mouths WAY TOO much so I did what I did.”

Luckily, another artist and musician, Joey Batts, restored the mural to its original luster. Kaitlyn has not appeared at the mural since her original sighting, which is probably for the best.

This article originally appeared in The Root.

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