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White New York Socialite Calls The Police On Black Woman For Sitting On A Public Bench

By Dana Givens, Black Enterprise

The viral video of a white woman named Amy Cooper caused a firestorm of controversy when she verbally charged at a black man named Christian Cooper in Central Park when he asked her to put her dog on its leash while he was bird watching. In her angry response, she calls the police stating that an African American man was threatening. The video incited public outcry and fury resulting in Cooper losing custody of her dog and her employment.

Over the weekend, an African American woman went on Instagram with the user @_brownsugarbaby recording a white woman named Svitlana Flom in a disturbing interaction where Flom is antagonizing her and threatening to call the police. According to the woman’s account in her Instagram caption, Flom approached her because she was disturbed by her presence in the area. She says she was simply sitting outside in their Upper West Side neighborhood on a bench in a public outdoor area. Guest of a Guest reports that Svitlana Flom is a well-to-do entrepreneur and socialite in New York City and the Hamptons.

In the video, the woman is with her husband attempting to walk away from the confrontation that lasted for just over an hour. Flom can be seen trying to call the police to the scene stating that “an African American woman is attacking me and my children.” The woman said there were others in the area that witnessed the ordeal but no one intervened. She shared the video of the ordeal on social media to warn others in light of other incidents that have been circulating this past week.

(Multiple videos…use the arrow in the post to see each video)

This article originally appeared on Black Enterprise.

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