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The very definition of insanity, according to the late great Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Basically, how long will it take for us to realize that we have to change internally before any significant change will occur outside the Black community? As we have said on a number of occasions, it will not be possible for the Black community to achieve significant success without a liberal dosage of self-love and unity. At this point, this seems to have become a pointless meme that people banter about, but do not actually believe.

The simple truth is that most people seem to feel that Blacks are inferior, including a large number of Black people. There is an old saying that even white folks’ ice is colder than Black folks’ ice. People have been mesmerized by technology; they are technoholic, and are confusing technical expertise with human quality. In other words, the expert manipulation of the physical environment by whites does not mean that the quality of life is superior. For example, one of the most technically adept societies during the past century was Nazi Germany. Even though that was the case, they destroyed more than 6 million human beings, and this does not even count the collateral damage that had tentacles reaching far into the 21st Century that are impacting lives today.

We can also look at the American republic that became very advanced due to the help of free slave labor. Chances are this nation would not have had some of the technological successes that it has if it had not been for the violence meted out to Africans, Native Americans, and others. Once again, the quality of human life is not measured in how many widgets we can make or on political control, but on the way we treat each other. This is something that Black people have to understand if there is to be a significant quality of life change.

The old story that the Black community must automatically be subjugated by others is without foundation; it is not true here or elsewhere. The Black community in America spends more than a trillion dollars a year, but most of it goes to other communities. We do not like to do business with each other. Even when we develop good products and invest money in viable businesses, too often Black people don’t treat their Black customers well. In fact, it is often said that they tend to treat white customers better than Black ones.

The lack of Black organization and self-love is also evident on the African continent. Political and economic corruption is rampant, and the continent with some of the greatest resources on Earth is exploited by outsiders. Just as Arabs, Koreans and others have come into America’s Black communities and dominated the business sectors, the Chinese and others are doing the same thing in Africa. The way things are going, Africa and its vast resources may just once again fall into the hands of others. The new colonizers are on the path of controlling water, seeds, politics, labor and mineral resources.

Considering the foregoing, it will be very important for a change to occur in the Black community’s MINDSET. No external change will make a difference. When there is a dependence on external political or economic factors, the Black community will lose every time as long as the mindset remains that of slavish consumerism and not intelligent production and internal trade. The upcoming presidential election is going to be very important, but whatever change happens in the White House, the community won’t see the changes it needs until Black individuals take control of their own destiny. The time for waiting for others to do for us is over, we must do for self or forever expect to be controlled or dominated by economic and political forces that are inimical to the Black community. Absent that, the community will continue running around in circles and NOTHING will result in success. There is an Eastern term known as “karma” which essentially means that we reap what we sow. Black karma is a reality, and is reflected in the current condition of the Black community. Take heed. A luta continua.

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