What’s at stake in the November 2020 election?

Part 3 of a 4-part series

A lot of people have been perplexed by President Donald Trump’s ongoing preoccupation with former President Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Some just chalk his obsession up to jealousy and make fun of him. New information has surfaced, however, that might shed new light on his behavior in this regard, and it is ominous.

QAnon, the curious cult-like organization that has gained much attention as strong supporters of Trump, is having a hey-day on the internet. It is garnering adherents on an increasing basis, with numerous websites, sending out messages that they are expecting a mass roundup of crooked, satanic members of the “deep state” who have served as a demonic shadow government populated by pedophiles and cannibals.

QAnon is circulating a list of the alleged members of this deep state cabal. The expectation is that those on the list will be rounded up any day now and incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay, which will mark the beginning of martial law and 10 days of darkness in which citizens will be required to stay in their homes and observe the public trials of the members of the deep state. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are two of the names on this list.

The internet has been abuzz with this QAnon talk, predicting an “Awakening” and the beginning of a new world structure resulting from Trump’s ridding the world of deep state evil.

When looked at in this light, Trump’s preoccupation with the phrase that became a popular chant among his followers, “Lock her up,” in reference to Hillary Clinton, takes on new meaning. The plausible conclusion is that he is sending QAnon messages to his followers regarding the impending overthrow of the deep state cabal of pedophile/cannibals.

The foregoing represents the tip of the iceberg of the beliefs held by QAnon. Trump is aware that he is considered as a “Messiah” who exposes this secret, demonic cabal, and has publicly embraced their adoration of him. Recently, and interestingly, at least 15 members of QAnon have been elected to Congress. They are gaining in power.

When considering the QAnon agenda, it becomes obvious that a continued Trump presidency might change America in ways that have heretofore been unimagined.

For one, it is possible that there may be a “coup” with the aid of QAnon resulting in the implementation of an American government with authoritarian overtones.

Moreover, we might expect a lot of deception, which has been the hallmark of Trump’s presidency since day one. We can also expect increasing violence, since Trump has encouraged division among Americans. We can also expect increasing marginalization of Black and Brown people, along with their disproportionate victimization by COVID-19.

It is very clear that the issue of character will dominate in an ongoing Trump presidency. Medicare and Social Security will disappear sending a clear message to non-affluent citizens that their lives don’t actually matter. When considering what we have seen from Trump’s first term, we might expect the following: the proliferation of confusion and chaos; the continuing rise of violence perpetrated by right-wing hate groups; continued attacks on climate change; the spread of lies and fake news; fascist tactics; the further disenfranchisement of the poor and middle class and the enrichment of plutocrats.

Essentially, what we are experiencing is a continuing battle between good and evil that transcends racial and ethnic lines as evidenced by the diversity of those who are embracing the Trump Doctrine of Disinformation. The outcome of the November 3 skirmish will depend on whether or not people with good character outnumber those without it. Even so, there might still be violence in the aftermath of the presidential election no matter who wins. Next up: The Mandate – Dump Trump.

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