Eugenics, Historical Precedents, and Black Oppression 

 Part 2 of a 4-part series

 A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against Black people. It is also a vote against anyone who is not rich. Why are so many Blacks enamored by Donald Trump? He has given a lot of clues as to whom his allegiances are directed… and they don’t look like Black people. Recently, during the first presidential debate, Donald Trump was called upon to disavow white supremacists. He refused to do so; he instead deflected to the need to oppose left-wing Antifa. He also took the opportunity to call out the “Proud Boys” suggesting that they should “Stand back and stand by.” This was extremely odd, but it was clear from those with discernment, that it was a veiled shout out sanction to the Proud Boys. Within hours, the Proud Boys had included Trump’s words in a new logo.

Who are the Proud Boys? According to researchers, they are an unconventional group of violent American right-wing extremists whose members come from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. Recently, they have come to be seen as a dominant force within the “alt lite.” The disturbing aspect of Trump’s seeming callout to them was connected to the question as to whether or not he would discourage violence in the event that the upcoming election results were unfavorable to him. He refused to come out against that notion.

There are historical precedents of Donald Trump’s behavior in the experience Black people have had in the United States.

The following is a matter of public record, and can be easily confirmed.

After the end of World War II, the United States, through what was called “Operation Paperclip,” brought Nazis to the United States and incorporated them in various compartments of American life. Werner Von Braun, a former Nazi, became the head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Moreover, the Nazis, inspired by the eugenics movement, had their concepts soundly embraced in America. This movement, through Planned Parenthood, allegedly conspired to limit the proliferation of Black people.

The take-away is that American society has never fully embraced the “other.” There is an underlying strain of xenophobia wider than the Grand Canyon in this country. This is the swatch of cloth from which Donald Trump was cut. At one point, he was even taken to court due to discrimination against African Americans connected with his real estate ventures.

Donald Trump has developed the reputation of being a consummate liar. He tends to contradict himself frequently, and there is no reason why Black people should think that they will receive preferential treatment from him. He has demonstrated on numerous occasions that his chief allegiance is to himself.

Is Trump racist? The odds are that he is. But more importantly, he has been seen to be an opportunist who only values that which can add to his own bottom line.

According to the book Too Much and Never Enough, written by his niece Mary Trump, the daughter of his deceased brother Frederick Trump Jr, Donald conspired with his other siblings to keep Frederick’s children, Mary Trump and her older brother, Frederick Trump III from their grandfather’s inheritance. The fact that his own niece would publish such damning information about her own uncle speaks volumes about the dynamics in his family and the forces that were extant during his character formation.

With that said, Black people, and anyone for that matter, who plans to give their vote to Donald Trump, must face the following truth: you are supporting the wrong side of history, the side that is anti-human, anti-righteousness, and frankly, anti-Christian. Recently, President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19. We wish him a speedy and successfully recovery, but we don’t want him to serve a second term as president of the United States! A Luta Continua.

Next up: What’s actually at stake in the November 2020 election?

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