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What the $26.5 Billion Sprint and T-Mobile merger deal means for Black America

By Clarissa Hamlin,

T-Mobile and Sprint called a truce with their $26.5 Billion merger deal Sunday, USA Today reported. The deal still awaits regulatory approval, but if it goes through, the carriers would combine into the third-largest U.S. wireless network, only behind Verizon and AT&T. But what does this big merger mean for Black folks?

To consider how this deal that basically absorbs Sprint into T-Mobile will impact African Americans, it’s first worth noting that Sprint has struggled financially and with Black customers. Only 11.70 percent of Black people nationwide had access to Sprint’s high-speed broadband network, compared to an overwhelming 68.86 percent of Whites, according to a 2014 Federal Communications Commission report.

With the low number of Black subscribers, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure seemingly tried to appeal to potential African-American customers in July 2015. Claure publicly said that he wanted one-third of the carrier’s employees to be Hispanic or African American.


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