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What does it mean to celebrate Veterans Day

By Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty, President & CEO, SHE VET, iNC.

It’s the one day the United States as a nation, acknowledges service members from the past, present, and future. It can have different meanings. Some celebrate a loved one who served and is no longer able to reap the rewards of being acknowledged most celebrate their service with pride, and others don’t recognize the level of sacrifice, so it becomes just another day.

A lot has changed since the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Service members are acknowledged for their acts of service more than ever before. Although we’ve begun showing respect for Vietnam veterans, some think honor should reflect on how we care for our veterans. Not just for Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is respect and acknowledgment that spans decades. It’s a remembrance of soldiers, men, and women, who have sacrificed to keep America and our way of life safe. It sends profound respect for those who gave some and those who gave all. But it comes with an awareness that we must act, from the top down, in a way that nations across the world can find refuge in the shining light that should be America. We’re losing our way, and we’re allowing enemies of old to trample on the country’s name. Veteran’s Day is about remembering those veterans who need medical care and a place to rest their heads at night. No veteran should be homeless. Veteran’s Day is about recommitting and remembering the great sacrifices these great men and women have made to keep America free.

Kelvin Otis Airforce Vietnam Veteran

It means honoring those who have and still do pay the price for us to enjoy the luxuries we take for granted.

Jazzmon Wright Airforce Veteran

It means absolutely nothing because veterans in this country are not respected or valued. As a veteran, I honor veterans every day, but the narrative of this nation is pathetic. Veterans should be the topic of discussion and honored every day. Not just for one day of the year.

Ree Williams U.S. Navy Veteran

I shared the exact words of veterans to express gratitude for the one area that would not be possible if they weren’t committed to serving, “Freedom of Speech!” We have it, only because of those who served. That alone is enough to celebrate their service and say thank you! If you’ve never visited another country or one that’s not so fortunate, you wouldn’t understand the truth in that statement.

I hope you acknowledged those who served. If so, it made their day brighter and perhaps gave them hope. If you’re a veteran, I’d like to say thank you for your service personally, and I salute you!

Sistah IMG 4707 Edited
Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty

Sistah Soldier is an inspirational activist who helps veterans, women, and minorities step into the call of God for their lives. She’s the CEO, host, and executive producer of the SHE VET ™ television show, and the executive recruiter for SHE WORKS Digital™.

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