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There is something that we all must understand before we will be safe in navigating the troubled waters of this world. It is an old cliché – we are all in this together. This is something that has been talked about and preached about since time immemorial. Unfortunately, it is something that is given lip service, but few people actually believe this concept. The proof is in our collective behavior, and this includes all races, creeds, colors, economic statuses, and any other divisive concept that you can name. What we need to understand is the role these divisors play in the equation of love. One of the biggest problems we face is a lack of understanding of this simple principle. Key in this regard is that we will never reach our collective goals until we understand how love works. Xenophobia is the biggest enemy of love.

Xenophobia exists all over the planet. The wisest among us know that the Earth is a schoolroom; it is the environment where we can learn about the dynamics of successful living. Unfortunately, in all of the time that people have inhabited this planet, this lesson has not been learned, except in a few places here and there. Xenophobia, the fear or disdain of “the other,” is one of the main issues that keeps us apart while we struggle for seemingly scarce resources. Wars are fought because of this, families are broken up because of this, and certainly racism is a part of this. Racism, actually, is a special case of xenophobia.

If you observe the challenges that Black people face in America, it will usually first boil down to racism if you ask most Black people. Racism, as mentioned before, is a special case of xenophobia. Most Black people think that most white people are racist. So Black people generally feel justified in seeing racism as a key impediment in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. What Black people, and people in general, don’t understand, is that there are really only two kinds of people; those who view the world with love, and those who can only see self-serving division. Black people who understand this know that there are white devils and Black saints, and there are white saints and Black devils, in other words, it is not skin color, culture and all of the other isms that serve as the bogey men in our world, it is the people who seek self-less love opposing those who do not.

This is why we will never experience success in our own sphere until we realize that our circumstances are connected to everyone and everything else on this planet. For example, those among the human family who have the greatest wealth and are the movers and shakers, seem to not understand the threat of climate change, which can destroy us all. Money won’t save us unless it is put in the service of finding a better way to use resources in order to save the planet. The wealth of bigoted and selfish plutocrats will be meaningless if the planet is destroyed.

On another note, while Black people are subjected to external racism, they can’t safely walk down the street in their own neighborhoods. There is a holocaust of sorts going on in Black communities. The killing is incredible. What most don’t understand, however, is that there is absolutely no difference between the hatred that some white people have for Black people, and the hatred that Black people have for each other. The Black community is divided by class, sexual orientation, misogyny, neighborhoods, dark or light skin, good hair or kinky hair, and every other dichotomy imaginable. What we must understand is that all of these “isms” are part of the same fabric, xenophobia, and as long as we hold disdain for others, the law of cause and effect dictates that we will forever reside in the land of xenophobia and discord. There is no way to get around that fact.

Luckily, there is a way out – unity within a group. This is a failsafe strategy. Some white people will hold onto their form of racism; others, however, will be more progressive. Their success will depend upon how well they learn the lesson that we’re all connected. In the Black community it is important to rid the community of every vestige of xenophobia. We must abolish our self-hatred and come together. The absolute fact of the matter is that as long as we embrace any facet of xenophobia, we will remain in its grip and will forever be relegated to the outskirts of success. A Luta Continua.

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