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Conditions in today’s world have people fighting each other for the spoils of capitalism, and this includes Black people. The going wisdom is that the worldwide Black community is impoverished. Currently, there is a move to further fragment the community, especially when it comes to the idea of reparations. This is a complex matter, since it would seem that it’s only fair that people who have suffered from the institution of slavery in the United States should receive reparations from the United States. We are closer to a resolve of this matter than we have been in a long time, if current Congressional activities are a testimony.

The truth is that American Black people should be compensated for the 240 plus years of chattel slavery. But it is also true that Black immigrants from the Caribbean and elsewhere have been impacted by the general way that Black people are treated. It can be argued that Blacks in the West Indies, Brazil, and elsewhere should lobby for reparations from the countries that enslaved them. But it is also true that ALL Black people, no matter their origin, have been adversely impacted by white supremacy. Actually, everywhere that Black people reside on this planet in proximity to white people, Blacks tend to be at a disadvantage. The community is seen as powerless and tends to lose control of its economic destiny the world over.

What we apparently have failed to understand is that the world is created by our thoughts, actions, and feelings. Perception plays a huge part in how these play out. A chief facet of this perception is the idea that whites are supreme, are superior, and hence the term “white supremacists” exists. Black people, when observed from the standpoint of these so-called white supremacists, are viewed as powerless and inferior. Because of their dominant position, Black people have accepted this notion, and the result is an ongoing struggle for “equality” and a struggle for scarce resources meted out by the dominant white economic structure.

Actually, Black people are NOT impoverished if seen from an altered standpoint. In the United States alone, Black people collectively spend more than a trillion dollars annually! Even though American Blacks have gone through the most debilitating form of slavery imaginable, there are a number who are achieving at phenomenal rates in every field. There are Black billionaires, millionaires, and a flourishing middle class. Of course, there are those who are not doing so well, but this is the case with any racial or ethnic group.

Further, dealing with perception – the African continent is the source of great riches, but the indigenous people are continually subjugated by one interloper or another who benefits from her vast resources. African Blacks have apparently bought into the perception that the interlopers are superior to them. People may get upset with this statement, but it appears to be true, nevertheless.

Things must change, and Black people in America are in a position to be in the vanguard of this change. They are in a position to lead with new understanding by bashing negative perceptions, thus creating a more viable world for themselves and, by extension, for Blacks all over the planet. Again, Blacks are far from powerless. Just look at how the current crop of American presidential candidates is vying for Black votes. We must embrace the truth – the ONLY thing that is keeping Black people from achieving is the lack of will to utilize the power of creative thinking in a unified framework!!! Black fragmentation benefits enemies of the community and keeps us wanting. We must reject the propaganda of weakness and eschew self-hatred. And just like whites have developed the economic system that is so oppressive to Blacks, creative Black visionaries need not be constrained by that system. If the pooling of resources is employed; they can create alternate, innovative economic structures. But even without that, the Western economy, and America specifically, relies heavily on how Black people spend money. Blacks represent the margin of profit on many fronts. Black people must visualize, pool resources, and unify toward a collective goal – a Black Agenda, and work diligently for its implementation. If this is done, Black people can access reparations and anything else that is needed to change their world for the better. A Luta Continua.

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