WARNING: Marijuana Is Still Illegal In Illinois

(Photo by Ndispensable on Unsplash)

Governor Pritzker recently signed the Recreational Marijuana Bill. It is important to note that recreational marijuana will continue to be illegal unless you have a legal prescription for medical marijuana from a doctor. Even after the law takes effect Jan 1, 2020, street sales will continue to be a crime and criminally punishable.

The sale of recreational marijuana comes January 1, 2020 and so the end of marijuana prohibition in Illinois. This means cannabis can only be sold and purchased at a state approved dispensary. People should not be confused marijuana is not legal to possess or sell today.

For more information, please contact Rep. Ford’s constituent service office at (773) 378-5902 or email: repford@lashawnford.com.

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  1. Prosecutors are being compelled to expunge convictions for 30 grams or less automatically so functionally anything under that amount is legal. They won’t bother getting a conviction that will be reversed a couple months later.

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