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Video shows Cambridge police tackle and punch black Harvard student during arrest

By Amir Vera, CNN

Cambridge police have launched an internal investigation after a video showed officers tackling and punching a naked black Harvard student who police said was resisting arrest.

According to a police report on the incident, officers responding to multiple calls about a disturbance at a busy intersection late Friday found Selorm Ohene, 21, naked and acting in an “aggressive, unreceptive, and intimidating” manner. They were also told by Ohene’s friends that he had possibly taken LSD or another hallucinogenic drug, the report said.

Police said they tried to reason with Ohene but he became more hostile and would not comply with their demands, so they took him down, according to the report. He still would not allow the officers to handcuff him, so one officer “delivered approximately 5 strikes with a closed fists to the area of his stomach. These seemed ineffective,” the police report said.


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